Harley Davidson Quotes

Harley Davidson Quotes harley davidson quotes

Harley Davidson is an American company that manufactures motorcycles. It was found in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. It was founded by four men, William S. Harley, Walter Davidson, Arthur Davidson, and William A. Davidson.

The founders started pursuing their dream by manufacturing a bike that had a small 7.07 cubic inch motor. After testing it out, they realized that it wasn’t powerful enough to pull the hills in Milwaukee on its own.

They didn’t give up after this; instead, they made a new motorcycle now with a 24.04 cubic inch motor. Harley Davidson made their first historical appearance by testing their new Motorcycle by competing in a Milwaukee motorcycle race held at State Fair Park.

It was ridden by Edward Hill Brand and was placed fourth in the race.

It all started from a single-story wooden structure that produced 50 motorcycles in 1906. When the company was officially incorporated in September 1907, they started selling their motorbikes to police departments.

Started from the bottom and now they have become one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer companies over the years after surviving great depression, subsidiary arrangements and worldly competition.

No doubt that Harley Davidson is a true inspiration to look up to. This article is for the fans of Harley Davidson, and if you want to read some great quotes related to Harley Davidson, then stick till the end of this article.

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Harley Davidson Sayings:

Harley Davidson Bike Quotes
harley davidson quotes

“If you haven’t gone on a trip with your buddies on a motorcycle, you definitely should.”

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“If you haven’t gone on a road trip with your buddies on a motorcycle, you’re missing out on life.”

“It is the biker’s code not to give a shit about what others think. Only fake bikers have an image to maintain.”

“Only Badass People Love To Ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles.”

“Just go for it. Not everything needs to be planned.”

Motivational Bikers Quote
harley davidson quotes

“Sometimes, you need to go for a ride on your bike to relieve your stress.”

“The sound that a motorcycle makes is deafening yet the most soothing sound ever.”

“Be a proud and happy owner of Harley Davidson.”

“If a man loves his bike, he’ll love his woman too.”

“If you want to know if the man has a caring nature, observe how he takes care of his bike.”

“Sometimes, you just need a full gas tank, not a full stomach.”

“What’s better than a full gas tank? Nothing.”

“Girls who ride motorcycles are the best type of girls.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“You realize why a dog sticks his head out of the car when you ride a Harley Davidson bike.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“You don’t need an antidepressant; you just need a Harley Davidson bike.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“Harley Davidson is the best thing that you’ll ever ride in your life.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“They say achieve great things in your life, so I bought a Harley Davidson.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“They say treat yourself right, so I bought a Harley Davidson bike for myself.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“You must be a good decision-maker if you made the decision to buy a Harley Davidson bike.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“What’s better than a Harley Davidson bike? Nothing.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

Funny Harley Davidson quotes

“The most exciting thing that you’ll ever put between your legs is a Harley Davidson’s motorcycle.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“Your ass might get numb while riding a bike, but it is worth the experience.”

Harley Davidson Quotes
Funny Harley Davidson Quotes
harley davidson quotes

“That feel when your ass burns due to the hot seat of your bike on a hot summer day.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“Don’t Be Sad If You Don’t Have A Girlfriend To Hug You, You Can Always Hug Your Harley Davidson.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“Ignore people’s bullshit as if the pipes of your bike are too loud, and you can’t hear people talking shit.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“The Next Time Someone Tells You That Your Bike Is Too Loud, Ask Him To Buy Himself A Pair Of Earplugs.”

“The next time your neighbors tell you that your bike is too loud, organize a bike rally at your house and invite him.”

“People have life goals, and I just want to ride faster.”

“Don’t ride your bike to add days to your life; ride your bike to add life to your days.”

“No bike rider ever goes a day without riding his bike.”

“A Harley Davidson lover’s day is incomplete without his motorbike.”

“As a biker, don’t be afraid of the little power that you have between your legs!”

“Forget about having something between your legs in bed, have a bike between your legs on the road instead.”

“Bikers live a happy life. It is evident because you never see a bike outside a psychiatrist’s office.”

“Bikers don’t look back at the things they have already crossed or left behind, be it relationships or road stops.”

“If someone refuses to ride your bike because they don’t like it, unfriend them because you don’t need that negativity in your life.”

“I don’t know what’s crazier, my wife asking me to choose between my bike and her or me choosing my bike over her.”

Inspirational Harley Davidson Quotes:

Harley Davidson’s story of success is indeed an inspiration to look up to, especially if you are a bike lover. Here are some inspirational Harley Davidson’s quotes:

Inspirational Harley Davidson Quotes
harley davidson quotes

“Harley Davidson’s first motorcycle proves that indeed after failure comes success.”

“If you want to be successful, learn from your mistakes and failures.”

“Failures are not obstacles to the ones who are truly willing to achieve their dreams.”

“Successful people learn from their failures to improve themselves, and losers give up because of their failures.”

“You never know after which failure you will succeed, so keep on trying.”

“Stay heed of your goal and never consider your failures as obstacles.”

“Be determined to achieve your goal, and your failure will act as a lesson, not as an obstacle.”

“Never let people put you down and define your life; only you have the right to write the story of your life.”

“Don’t let people affect you with their negative opinions. They have only known you for some time, and you know yourself ever since you were born.”

“For A Normal Man, A Bike Is Just A Mode Of Transport, And For A Bike Lover, It Is A Mode Of Life.”

“Make noise with your Harley Davidson bike and work in silence to achieve it.”

“The hard work you put in is directly proportional to the great outcome of your success.”

“Work so hard that you can own every Harley Davidson motorcycle that you like.”

“Life is short; start working for your dream bike.”

“Harley Davidson motorcycle manufacturer proves that you have to fight through difficult times of life if you wish to enjoy the good times.”

Harley Davidson Love Quotes

“A four-wheel might move your body, but a Harley Davidson bike moves your soul.”

Harley davidson love quotes
harley davidson quotes

“Taking your girl on a long drive in your car might be romantic, but taking her out on your bike while thrilling with speed is even better.”

“You know your love for Harley Davidson is real when you start treating your bike as an actual friend or companion.”

“Love is having your Harley Davidson by your side on a road trip.”

“My wild love for Harley Davidson can never be tamed.”

“Don’t let them tame your wild love for Harley Davidson.”

“If loving your Harley Davidson at the cost of your career is insane, then I love being insane.”

“Love Your Bike More Than People; It Will Never Disappoint You.”

“Shut your haters up with the rumble of your Harley Davidson.”

“You can be a badass but not as much as someone who owns a Harley Davidson.”

“I gotta love my Harley Davidson because it deserves it.”

“Destinations are easy to reach when you have the right company.”

“Travelling becomes a beautiful journey when you have the right company by your side.”

“Life is a journey, so ride this journey on a Harley Davidson.”

“Live your life to the fullest. If you have a tank full of gas, never stop moving.”

“Don’t trap your independent and free spirit in a cage.”

“To bike lovers, a car feels like a cage.”

“It is a lovely feeling to have the cold wind strike your face in the cold-weather while you are riding your bike.”

“Lose the fear and ride the bike with love.”

“Riding a bike feels like going through a roller coaster of love; it is filled with happiness.”

“I’d rather die on a motorcycle than suffocating in a four-wheel vehicle.”

“Forget about your worries for a second and ride your Harley Davidson like there’s no tomorrow.”

“All your worries fade away when you look at your beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle.”

Best Harley Davidson Quotes

“Harley Davidson is simply the best.”

“If someone truly knows about Harley Davidson, you don’t need to explain to him why it is the best.”

“There’s a classy touch to Harley Davidson, which makes it the best.”

“You don’t need reasons to classify Harley Davidson as the best.”

“If you own a Harley Davidson, you are already the best person.”

“Harley Davidson is truly one of the finest choices of my life.”

“You don’t need a fine lady if you already own a fine Harley Davidson.”

“Meet my motorbike; she’s the love of my life.”

“There’s no cure for my intense love for Harley Davidson.”

“I love my Harley Davidson motorcycle at the cost of my life, and there’s nothing that I can do about it.”

“I Take Care Of My Bike More Than I Take Care Of Myself.”

“You will never suffer a punctured tire on the road unless you leave the repair kit at home.”

“Riding A Bike Makes Every Moment Perfect.”

“Bikers may look like the toughest people, but when it comes to people they love, they are the most soft-hearted people ever.”

“Harley Davidson marks its territory wherever it goes.”

“My Harley Davidson doesn’t leak oil, it is its way of marking its territory.”

“No bike can compete with Harley Davidson in terms of class and quality.”

Sad Harley Davidson Quotes

“There are two types of people in this world. The first type owns a Harley Davidson and the second type is sad.”

“Your sad moments will fade away when you’ll ride your bike.”

“No one will ride your road for you. You have to do it for yourself.”

“There’s always some goodness even on a bad day. This goodness is your Harley Davidson.”

“stop crying over your problems, get up, ride your bike, and get them fixed.”

“Being a bike lover is great, you never have to worry about heartbreak because bikes cannot break your heart, it only fixes your broken heart.”

“Ride your bike and get past all those sad moments.”

“Buy a Harley Davidson bike because it will never break your heart.”

“The reasons why Harley Davidson is better than your ex is that it won’t cheat on you, and it won’t make you sad.”

“I have made many decisions in my life, which have made me cry, but buying a Harley Davidson is not one of them.”

“Whenever I look at my Harley Davidson, I have tears in my eyes because it’s just so beautiful.”

“Forget about all your worries for a second and just enjoy a good bike ride.”

“Harley Davidson owners don’t need therapy. Have you ever seen a bike outside the psychiatrist’s office?”

“Beer with friends after a long bike ride is different.”

“Having a Harley Davidson by your side on bad days is better than having therapy.”

“The struggles on your way to success are only meant to shape you for your purpose.”

Happy Harley Davidson Quotes

“The thought of my Harley Davidson makes me smile.”

“You know you love your Harley Davidson when just the thought of it makes you happy.”

“Whenever I think about my Harley Davidson, my heart fills with joy.”

“My heart dances with joy and happiness when I look at my beautiful Harley Davidson .”

“I feel happy when I think about buying new bikes, and my bike collection keeps on increasing.”

“People’s happiness comes from love, mine comes from love too but a different type of love; Harley Davidson.”

“You’ll never see a sad person on a Harley Davidson. That’s how you know that Harley Davidson makes you happy.”

“People call me crazy for being a woman who loves Harley Davidson. I call myself a happy woman.”

“Never underestimate a woman who rides a Harley Davidson.”

“Women who have a fine choice among men like Harley Davidson too.”

“Hug your Harley Davidson; it needs some love too.”

Harley Davidson Birthday Quotes

“Happy birthday to the best bike manufacturers to ever exist. Always stay this awesome!”

“Happy birthday to Harley Davidson, who made me fall in love with motorcycles and chopper bikes.”

“My love for classy bikes came from Harley Davidson. Happy birthday!”

“A Harley Davidson looks even better when it gets old. Happy birthday!”

“A world would’ve lacked great quality motorcycles if Harley Davidson wasn’t founded. Happy birthday.”

“Every bike lover thanks God for the day Harley Davidson came into existence. Happy Birthday, Harley Davidson.”

“Indeed, the best birthday wishes come with a Harley Davidson!”

“Happy birthday to Harley Davidson, who helped me overcome my sadness and find my passion.”

“Happy Birthday to Harley Davidson, whose motorcycles add life and spark into your days.”

“An old bike only gets better with aging.”

Harley Davidson Anniversary Quotes

“Happy 115th anniversary to Harley Davidson. The best bike manufacturers to ever exist.”

“I hope this anniversary brings more goodness to Harley Davidson. Happy anniversary.”

“Wishing a very happy anniversary. I hope you live to see many more.”

“I have found the best motorcycle because of Harley Davidson. Happy Anniversary!”

“Every inch and mile brings new possibilities. Happy anniversary and cheers to new beginnings.”

“I wish to travel many more roads with you. Happy anniversary to my motorbike.”

“Happy anniversary to Harley Davidson, who made me happy for a lifetime.”

“Happy anniversary to my bike, which make dirt my face makeup and race fuel my perfume.”

“Happy anniversary to my bike, my best investment ever.”

“Happy anniversary to my bike who made simple moments of my life special.”

“Happy anniversary to my bike, who added spark and joy to my boring life.”

“Happy anniversary to a part of my life and personality; my motorcycle.”

“I hope to see and feel many new roads and places with you, my dear motorcycle. Happy anniversary.”

“A year has passed with you. It was full of joyful moments. Happy anniversary.”

Harley Davidson Riding Quotes

“I wish to ride you forever, my dear bike. Stay with me forever.”

“The joy that comes from riding your bike cannot be found anywhere else in any corner of the world.”

“A rider’s bike makes up almost half of his personality.”

“The way a biker rides his bike describes the way he likes to spend his life.”

“A biker rides his bike to add thrill, happiness, and fun to his life.”

“A biker doesn’t ride his bike to add days into his life. He rides his bike to add life into his day.”

“A bike rider’s day is incomplete without riding his bike.”

“The best and favorite part of a biker’s day is riding his bike.”

“I’d make sure that my crush looks awesome if I were to die from riding a dirt bike.”

“Ride your bike with the speed of a bullet.”

“Ride your bike so fast as if you are riding a bullet that has been shot from a pistol.”


I would like to wrap up this article with famous quotes by fans of Harley Davidson.

Famous Harley Davidson Quotes

“Ride to meet life, don’t wait for it.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“Find a man who will love you as much as he loves his bike.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“Ride alone with your bike because sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“If you look back on a trip and it makes you smile, it was worth the while.”

Harley Davidson Quotes

“The road to your destination might be bumpy, but you don’t have to worry about it if you own a Harley Davidson.”

Harley Davidson Quotes