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Gym Quotes Gym Quotes

A gym is a place where one goes to keep himself physically fit and mentally attentive. It is a great place to give yourself some time and the attention and care that your body needs. Share Best Gym Quotes with fitness freaks.

Speaking of personal experience, going to the gym and working out can actually help in improving mood. It also results in increased-activeness.

There must be a certain motivation and force which drives you to go to the gym. This motivation can come from your break up, your own will to get fit, or to keep a balance between work life and health.

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Gym Quotes for Boys

“Sacrifice your comfort over the gym.”

“Gym over comfort, any day.”

“If you are having a bad day, hit the gym.”

“You know a boy has hit puberty when his love for car and gym increases.”

“These sore muscles will change into stronger muscles one day.”

“Your leg day pain will pay off one day with sexy calves.”

“Train your body in a way that it becomes competition and inspiration for others.”

“Work hard with blood, sweat, and tears to gain success.”

“With blood and sweat comes great success.”

“Aim for the best and the best will come to you.”

“Walk for success and it will come running to you.”

“Be patient while you are on the road to success.”

“If you are consistent on your journey to success you will surely reach your destination one day.”

“Be patient, work hard, and leave the rest of it to God.”

“Embrace every part of your life, every part plays its role in making your life beautiful and enjoyable.”

“There are many obstacles on the road to success but you have to learn to overcome them.”

“On your way to become fit there will be many lazy days but you have to push yourself on these days to do better.”

“The good days are easy but it is the bad days which are difficult to get through.”

“Don’t be sad if you didn’t get what you wanted. God has written better things for you in your fate.”

“Your fate can be changed but only if you work hard to change it for the better.”

Gym Quotes for Girls

“If You See A Girl Working Out With Her Hair Down, Know That She Can’t Be Distracted By Anything.”

Gym quotes for women

“A girl in the gym should be feared of, she is unstoppable.”

Gym quotes for women

“Never underestimate the power of the girl who lifts heavier weights than men.”

Gym quotes for women

“Women  are strong while carrying an emotional burden but are even stronger when they are lifting weights.”

Gym quotes for women

“Women should take care of themselves. They are not only the caretakers of their families.”

Gym quotes for women

“Women need to take more care of their bodies because they tend to age earlier.”

Gym quotes for women

“Give yourself a break from your responsibilities and go to the gym.”

Gym quotes for women

”Not every girl wants to marry a rich guy. Some want a fit guy and gym partner, with whom she can drink protein shakes and work out.”

Gym quotes for women

”Squat so that your butt is tight. It should be so tight that it is  irresistible.”

Gym quotes for women

”look good for yourself.”

Gym quotes for women

”workout to impress yourself.”

Gym quotes for women

”impress yourself with the amazing new limits/targets that you can set.”

Gym quotes for women

”you have the ability to do it. You just have to go for it.”

Gym quotes for women

”The only goal that has not been achieved is the goal you didn’t try for.”

Gym quotes for women

Funny Gym Quotes

“Eating an extra samosa is never a thing to worry about if you are going to burn that off in the gym.”

“Be so consistent in working out that no one can crack a joke of ‘do you even lift bro?”

“You realize how long can one minute last while you are working out.”

“5 minutes while working out feels like an hour.”

“I think my treadmill is broken because I have been  running on it for about an hour now and the timer shows/says 5  minutes.”

“The only ups and downs you should witness in your life are squats.”

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“After an intense workout, you just have to lay there in bed and figure out which muscle is not sore.”

“Your grind and hustle will result in tougher muscle.”

“Replace your belly rolls with abs. Eat salads, not doughnuts.”

“Kill The Fat With Exercise, Don’t Increase It With Excuses.”

Gym Quotes for Women
Gym Quotes for Women

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“You are good enough with the body you have right now but you’ll be even better with a fit body.”

“You can workout without posting a mirror selfie on Instagram or Facebook.”

“Work so hard at the gym that your ex regrets leaving you.”

“Dump your toxic partner, not your gym trainer.”

“People who listen to slow music while working out need to see the doctor.”

“Farting burns your calories. It looks like I have found my ideal workout routine/calorie burning technique.”

Lazy Gym Quotes

“I am lazy but I never miss the gym.”

“Your laziness should not interrupt your health, don’t miss going to the gym.”

“Never skip your gym day even if you are too lazy to leave your bed.”

“Indeed being in the blanket is comfier but being in the gym is better.”

“Don’t be like other lazy people who blame their lack of success on other people.”

“Great things won’t come to you if you keep on making excuses.”

“Great things won’t come to you if you are too lazy to work hard.”

“If you can push yourself to go to the gym even on the lazy days, you have won at life.”

“You can achieve anything in this world if you can force yourself to go to the gym on a lazy day.”

“Laziness is not an excuse to miss the gym.”

“If you give up because of your laziness you’ll never be successful.”

Gym Quotes for Boys
Gym Quotes for Boys

“Hang on there, you will surely get the desired results one day.”

“The first step towards success is getting out of your bed.”

“It is surely hard to come out of your warm blanket but it is surely better to warm yourself up in the gym with exercise.”

“Get cozy in your gym with exercise not in your bed with blankets.”

“If you have the courage to get out of your bed, you have the courage to achieve that fit body.”

Energetic Gym Quotes

“I feel so energized after working out.”

“My Body Instantly Feels Recharged When I Workout.”

“A good workout hits you like an energy bolt.”

“You don’t need energy for working out, you need the right motivation to work out.”

“There’s a different energy tank in your body for working out.”

“If you ever run out of energy while working out, remember why you started it.”

“Your food is not the only thing that acts as fuel for your energy but your will to do something also acts as a fuel for your energy.”

“Eat right so that you have sufficient energy to work out.”

“Believe in yourself and put all of your energy in working out.”

“Have the right energy if you want to exercise your heart out.”

“Working out has been my favorite activity and it has become my habit.”

“I don’t need an energy drink anymore, I work out to energize myself.”

“My day goes well if I start it off with exercise in the morning.”

“What energizes you more than coffee in the morning? Working out and yoga.”

“Start off your day with exercise in the morning and you’ll never run out of energy during the day.”

“If you want to feel good and refreshed throughout the day, start off your day by working out.”

“You have to start working on yourself today if you want to see the results tomorrow.”

“Stop procrastinating and start working for your dreams and body.”

“your physical health is just as important as your work life.”

“Give your physical health and fitness the attention it deserves.”

Fitness Freak Quotes
Fitness Freak Quotes

Fitness freak quotes

“I love being a fitness freak.”

“Being a fitness freak has done me and my body many good and benefits.”

“I have done myself so much good by becoming a fitness freak.”

“I have never felt so good in my body. I love being a fitness freak.”

“I have become the best version of myself by becoming a fitness freak.”

“My body has been transformed into its best version ever since I have become a fitness freak.”

“You know you’re on the right track when going to the gym is your top priority.”

“The best part about being a fitness freak is that you never get bored with eating salad.”

“Try to make every meal a healthy meal and you’ll become a fitness freak”

“Flaunt those abs.”

“Fitness is my lifestyle.”

“Set your priorities and going to the gym should be your number one.”

“I don’t mind being called a fitness freak.”

“My aim is not only to be physically fit but also to be mentally alert.”

“If you want your skin to glow and to look young, workout every day.”

“You will grow gradually so start working out today.”

“Start working out for 30 minutes if you wish to see a change.”

“If you wish to look good, train like a beast.”

“As a fitness freak, I prefer fitness over everything.”

“Happiness comes from being fit and healthy.”

“When you realize your body’s actual worth and importance, you become a fitness freak.”

“You don’t need a break up to motivate you if you are already a fitness freak.”

Workout Quotes
Workout Quotes

Motivational Gym Quotes

“My motivation for the gym comes from my stretch marks and extended belly.”

Fitness Quotes

“I push myself to go to the gym every day to make my body a better version of it.”

Fitness Quotes

“Know the worth of your body and you’ll never miss a day of going to the gym.”

Fitness Quotes

“Your body needs exercise just like it needs food.”

Fitness Quotes

“Your mind and body need exercise to stay sharp and active.”

Fitness Quotes

“The weight of your responsibilities is heavier than the weights that you lift at the gym. If you give up in the gym you will end up giving up on responsibilities too.”

Fitness Quotes

“Go to the gym so that your body can match your personality. Fit and bold.”

Fitness Quotes

“The pain of the gym is better than the pain of experiencing a  heartbreak.”

Fitness Quotes

“Go to the gym today so that you don’t regret your weight gain tomorrow.”

Fitness Quotes

“Being fit should not be aimed only for summer, it should be your lifestyle.”

Fitness Quotes

“Love your body and take care of it by going to the gym.”

Fitness Quotes

“your body deserves your love and attention. So, go to the gym for its welfare and goodness.”

Fitness Quotes

“Get up and go to the gym. Your trainer won’t come and get you.”

Fitness Quotes

“God blessed you with a healthy body, be grateful for it by going to the gym.”

Fitness Quotes

“Hit the gym and work for your body because it is the first and last home of your soul.”

Fitness Quotes

“Your body is a precious gift by God so treat it like one.”

Fitness Quotes

Workout Quotes

“You won’t achieve a fit body after one day of working out. Stay consistent and workout until you achieve what you want.”

workout quotes for motivation

“The sweat after working out might make you smell bad but it surely makes you look good.”

workout quotes for motivation

“Working out will not only make your body look good but will also enhance brain functionality.”

workout quotes for motivation

“You know your workout will pay off when you feel that tingly sensation in your muscles.”

workout quotes for motivation

“I challenge myself Everyday to work out for 5 extra minutes and it has helped me a lot.”

workout quotes for motivation

“When I look at the mirror while working out, I realize that I am my only competition.”

workout quotes for motivation

“Working out is not only about getting that flat stomach, but it is also about your inner happiness and mental health.”

workout quotes for motivation

“The wave of happiness that hits you after working out is beyond amazing.”

workout quotes for motivation

“Nothing can match the spirit and motivation you get from yourself after working out.”

workout quotes for motivation

“The good part about working out is that you actually feel it in your heart that it is working.”

“You need the motivation to start working out but once it becomes your habit, you need no motivation.”

“You know that working out has become a part of your lifestyle when you feel incomplete without it.”

“Workout like no one is watching.”

“Challenge yourself every day to go as far as you can.”

“pushing your limits every day will only make you stronger and tougher.”

Zumba Gym Quotes

“Sometimes you just need to dance to relieve your stress.”

“There’s nothing better than dancing alone in your room.”

“Feel the vibe and dance away your worries.”

“Enjoy your life and get fit with Zumba dancing.”

“Dance till you lose all of that fat!”

“There is no easier way to burn calories other than dancing.”

“Zumba is the best way to  lose weight and enjoy yourself.”

“Zumba dance like no one’s watching.”

“Stop worrying about the laundry and kitchen, get lost in the rhythm of the song, and just dance.”

“Close your eyes and just dance.”

“Zumba is another form of happiness and fitness.”

“Zumba dance till all your worries fade away.”

Scientific Workout Quotes

Here are some quotes which provide benefits of working out which are scientifically proven:

“Working out can help in improving the immune system which means your body is strong against harmful bacteria.”

“working out can improve and sharpen your memory.”

“working out can help in preventing or delaying signs of aging such as wrinkles, muscle pain, hair loss, etc.”

“working out can increase the production of neuro-chemicals which are responsible for brain cell repair.”

“working out can also help in reducing stress, anxiety, and tension levels.”

“working out can result in increased production of dopamine, endorphins, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid which are responsible for a happy mood.”

“working out can boost your confidence and self-esteem.”

“Working out can help you to prevent diabetes and will help diabetic people to control their sugar levels.”

“Working out reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in your body.”

“Working out results in stronger bones and prevents many bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis.”

“Working out can reduce the risk of cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular-related diseases.”

“working out helps in reducing bad cholesterol which means there is a lesser chance of clogged arteries.”

“Working out can also reduce the risk of some cancers.”

“staying active and working out leads to better and peaceful sleep at night.”

“Exercising regularly or light physical activity has been helpful in alleviating symptoms of ADHD.”

“working out can help you to endure more pain than you usually can endure.”

Sexy Gym Quotes

“Sweating during working out is the sexiest thing ever.”

“You instantly feel sexy after working out.”

“You can’t deny the sexy feeling after working out.”

”the sweat after working out gives you a sexy glow.”

”burn your calories, either by working out in the gym or your bed. 😉 “

”A strong back is the sexiest thing ever.”

gym quotes

“Get wet in the gym by working out not in the bed with your partner.”

gym quotes


Wrapping up the article with everyone’s favorite; Instagram! Here are some quotes to share on Instagram as your captions.

Gym Quotes for Instagram

“Hit the gym for working out before the weight gain hits you.”

gym quotes

“Knock out stress and anxiety by going to the gym.”

gym quotes

“Rocking it at the gym.”

gym quotes

“Killing it at the gym.”

gym quotes

“My gym game is strong.”

gym quotes

“Working hard on myself🌸”

gym quotes

“Push beyond your limits to get better.”

gym quotes

“I am becoming a better version of myself.”

gym quotes

“Giving my body the love and attention that it deserves.”

gym quotes

“Gotta love myself and my body.”

gym quotes

“Treat yourself with a good workout.”

gym quotes

“Treat yourself by going to the gym.”

gym quotes

“If you want your immune system to get better, go to the gym.”

gym quotes

“Making excuses will get you nowhere. Get up and go to the gym.”

“If you really want to get the gym membership, you wouldn’t be waiting for a Monday or a new year.”

gym quotes

“There’s no perfect time for working out but working out in the morning is surely the best time.”

gym quotes

“Going to the gym is the first step towards self-love.”

gym quotes

“You can work out and get in shape without posting it on Instagram.”

gym quotes

“It is not a waste of time if you workout without posting it on Instagram.”

gym quotes