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. Love is the joy of today, and the promise of tomorrow. Happy Promise Day 2021!!.

A promise is not like just saying things, that I will keep it. A promise is more than it, This is very special, Some words which keeps your promise into trust, which describes your faith and compassion in love or friendship. These are selected Happy Promise Day Quotes ,Bullet Quotes ,Blood Donation Quotes

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. My promise to you is real and nothing in this world can separate us. Happy Promise Day! 

. Love is a promise that could last forever. Happy Promise Day.

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. Don’t promise me the Moon and the stars,Promise me to keep promises.

. Promise to keep all my promises.Happy Promise Day!

. This hot note comes to you, to say that you’re my life and I want my life.

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. Some things you do not need to promise. Promises are only as powerful as the man who gives them…

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Happy Promise Day

. Friendship and Love doesn’t require any demands,expectations. 
. I am not sure to  solve all your issues, but I promise You,You will not have to face them alone.

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.If You’re feeling alone at night, let the promise of my love covers you like a hot blanket.

.Thought to be fine, even to superstition, In keeping their Promises, and for that reason equally cautious in creating them.

.I promise one day you’ll regret losing me, when you will look back.

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Happy Promise Day

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.I’d balance work and private life; I promise I Would not give you a minute to complain.

.I’d come home early and We’ll have dinner Collectively, I promise. 

 .I promise to keep the weekend free just for us and spent together.

Do you know why Promise day is there? So that we can promise to live together and die together.

.I promise to know you in each situation and Communicate the word .

Why I Love you so much. Because you means a lot to me.

.I promise that I won’t ever leave you no matter what. Lov You

.From the bottom of my heart I want to make a promise that I Will always love you and care for you until my last breath!

.I want to be the Best of Me, for this is all I could do, It’s my Wish that You Promise Me , You be the Best of You.

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If any day you are upset,call me. I promise you,I will be your Clown and make you laugh.!

.Let me Promise you no matter what happens, I’m with you always. Always Love you

.Lets celebrate this day & I would like to be with you till the sun sets from the skies.Lets Meet today. I LOve YOu.

.Today I Promise my thoughts, I shall always keep your Love in my Heart. I Love You.

.It is my wish that you promise me this year,You will be mine! I love YOu

.Loving you is a promise and I love you my life. I love you with no intention, I care for you with no expectations, and I promise to keep you happy forever. I love YOu



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