Happy Teddy Bear Day Quotes 2021

happy teddy bear day happy teddy bear day

People today need bears.

Hug a bear day isn’t how long you have been together;
Not just how much you have given or receive;
Love can not be clarified,
It is meant to be felt through the way we care,
Hope you will find more such days we discuss!!

You’re eternal like love, you’re adorable as the stuffed toy,
Take this teddy as my heart, It is full of my love and my joy!

happy teddy bear day
happy teddy bear day

He is at my side when I am happy or blue,
Here is to my Teddy Bear
You Are In My Thoughts And In My Heart Wherever I Will Move On Teddy Bear Day 2021
I’d Like To Say I Care More Than You Know.

Hug a bear day isn’t how long you have been together;
not just how much you have given or get;
not how many times you’ve helped each other.

In our youth, teddy bears are hot
Companions — great listeners, never critical,
Our arms, an ideal match for our laps.
Happy teddy bear day 2021 to you!!

Happy Teddy Bear Day 2021 Quotes

You always live on my own,
You always laugh inside me,
It always stays with me,
It always gives me a sense of you,
A cute teddy bear, to my adorable friend, on a cute occasion,
just to say.”Happy Teddy Day”

By gifting you this teddy, I wish to show you that I am all set to make you mine, and fill my life with sunshine!
Happy Teddy Bear Day 2021!

Despite the fact that I am unable to get to hug you each day,
the teddy is that you do that. Happy Teddy Day!

Happy teddy bear day
Teddy bears do not need hearts since they’re already filled with love.
I’m ur Teddy with a huge heart.

Teddy bears like to go on morning picnics in summer-time,
so that they may enjoy the sunshine before it is too sexy for their furry friend…
Happy Teddy Day!

Remember when I said Teddy can not sleep without me?
Sending a teddy to my most adorable cuddly beloved who is my life. Happy Teddy bear day 2021

With this teddy bear day,
I’m sending you a teddy bear.
However, the bad thing is that
It can not compete with you in cuteness.