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A lawyer is a person who practices law or studies law to pursue a career as a Lawyer. A lawyer in the UK is known as a solicitor, an attorney in the US, and as an advocate in India. A lawyer serves his country by serving justice to everyone despite people’s colour, race, or background.

Lawyers are usually not appreciated enough for the hard work they do to provide and uphold law and justice in the country. Without them, the system of law and order is incomplete. They play a major part in building and maintaining the law.

In this article, I will be sharing quotes that you can share with lawyers. This article will include funny lawyer quotes, motivational lawyer quotes, inspirational lawyer quotes, serious lawyer quotes, Thank you Lawyer’s quotes, good lawyer quotes, bad lawyer quotes, attorney quotes, birthday quotes for lawyers, happy lawyers day quotes, lawyers attitude quotes and a female lawyer quotes.

Funny Lawyer Quotes

A Lawyer Is Always Honest. A Joke That We All Have Heard.

Sometimes, A Lawyer Will Do Anything To Prevail Justice. He Would Even Tell The Truth Sometimes.

Lawyers Will Charge You Thousands In Dollars Just To Speak The Truth.

Good Lawyer Quotes

All Lawyers Should Know That Raising Your Voice Will Not Help You Win The Case.

Some Lawyers Really Need To Improve And Raise Their Skills While Arguing, Not Their Tone Of Voice.

Lawyers Cannot Love Someone Unconditionally; His Love Has Terms And Conditions.

A Lawyer Is The Only Person Who Is Not Punished For Being Ignorant Of The Laws.

A Lawyer Is The Only Person Who Knows The System Of Law, Yet He Is The Person Who Will Ignore It All If It Is Not In His Favor.

A Smart And Practicing Lawyer Knows The Law, A Good One Would Take The Judge Out For Lunch.

A Lawyer And Woman Are The Same; Both Never Admit Their Mistakes.

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If You Want To Know That When Does A Lawyer Lie, He Lies Whenever He Talks.

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If You Ever See A Lawyer Drowning And Wonder What You Should Throw At Him, Throw His Partners.

A Lawyer Will Never Stop Talking Even If You Seem Uninterested In His Conversation.

You Think That Justice Is Served At A Low Price Until You Meet A Lawyer.

A Lawyer Is A Person Who Is Boring But Will Never Admit It.

The Difference Between An Accountant And A Lawyer Is That An Accountant Will Admit It That He’s Boring.

The Funny Part About Lawyers Is That Even The Name ’lawyer’ Sounds Like ‘liar’

Motivational Lawyer quotes

Every profession is driven by motivation, love, and strength. Here are some motivational quotes to motivate you if you are a law student or a practicing lawyer.

Lawyers Have The Ability To Change Injustice To Justice And Weaknesses Into Strength.

Never Give Up On Your Profession Of Being A Lawyer; God Has Trusted You With His People So That You Can Protect And Conserve Justice.

Lawyers Have A Long Way To Go Through, First Through Thick Books And Then Through Thick Layers Of Injustice To Serve Justice.

Lawyers Must Respect And Follow The Law; Then Only The People Will Follow Their Footsteps.

If There Was No Law, There Would Be No Discipline In This World.

Being A Lawyer Is Tough, But Someone Has To Do It For The People In Need.

A Lawyer Is Always At The Risk Of Losing His Life, But What Motivates Him To Still Be A Lawyer Is People’s Trust And Confidence In Him.

To A Lawyer, A Law Is Not Right If It Interferes With God’s Principle Of Justice And Truth.

Aspiring Lawyer Quotes

Lawyers Are Providers Of Justice Chosen By God To Be Sent Into This World.

Good Lawyer Quotes

A Good Lawyer Is Always Loyal To His Profession.

As A Lawyer, Being Just, And Doing The Right Judgment Should Be Your Main Aim.

A Good Lawyer Is Faithful To His Promise To God To Serve And Conserve The Law Of Justice.

A Good Lawyer Improves The Quality Of His Argument And Information; He Does Not Only Raise His Voice To Win The Case.

A Good Lawyer Has Great Knowledge About The Law, Not The Judge.

A Good Lawyer Is Passionate About His Job And Work.

A Lawyer Is Only Labelled As A Good Lawyer By His Clients If He Has Incredible Communication Skills.

To Be A Good Lawyer, You Must Have The Right Communication Skills To Bridge The Gap Of Differences Between You And Your Client.

The Will To Listen To Your Client And Understand His Requirements Will Only Shape You Into A Better Lawyer.

Being Just And Fair In Judgment Is Also A Trait Of A Good Lawyer That Ranks You Better Than Others.

A Good Lawyer With Good Research Skills Will Comprehend And Absorb The Given Information To Form Something That Is Useful And Beneficial To The Client.

There Is An Inbuilt System In Man Which Helps Him Distinguish Between Right And Wrong.

A Good Person Does Not Require Laws To Discipline Or Train Him.

For A Cause Which Is Just, Truth Is Never A Threat Or Danger.

Be Such A Good Lawyer That People Use Your Name As An Example Of Righteousness.

Bad Lawyer Quotes

A Lawyer Is Not A Lawyer If He Is Not Loyal To His Profession.

A Lawyer Fails At His Profession And Life If He Is Not Loyal To His Promise To God To Fulfill Justice And Righteousness.

For A Lawyer, It Is Important To Maintain His Public Image, Or He’ll Be Labelled As A Bad Lawyer By The Public.

 The Worst Thing That A Lawyer Can Ever Be Called Or Named Is A Bad Lawyer.

You Are Not A Good Lawyer If You, Yourself Are Not Abiding By The Rules And Norms Laid By The Law And Government.

If You Are Conservative, You Can Never Be A Good Lawyer Because Clients Are Drawn To Lawyers Who Are Open-minded.

Not Giving The Client Full Attention Is A Big Turn-of.

Bad People Will Find A Way To Do Wrong Around The Laws.

Bad Lawyers Make Other Good Lawyers Look Bad.

You Are Not A Good Lawyer If You Are Not Referred To As A Righteous And Just Lawyer.

A Country’s Law Cannot Be Just If The Lawyers Are Corrupt.

Know The Worth Of Your Work, Don’t Set Yourself For Too Low.

Bad Lawyers Are Demotivated By Failures, And Good Lawyers Are Motivated By Failures.

A Great Lawyer Learns New Things Every Day, Whereas A Boring Lawyer Is Narrow-minded.

You Aren’t A Failure If You Failed, But You Are A Failure If You Refused To Try Again.

An Inspirational Lawyer Quotes

Never Stop Pursuing Your Dreams. Work Hard For It, And You Will Surely Be Able To Live That Dream One Day.

Inspirational Lawyer Quotes

Never Stop Fighting For The Truth.

Be A Just Lawyer And Human Because God Loves Those Who Are Just And Fair.

Your Inspiration As A Lawyer Should Be Changing This World. Into A Better Place.

Be Such An Inspirational Lawyer That People Look Up To You When They Are Seeking Justice.

Be An Inspiration For The Young Lawyers And Students Who Are Willing To Pursue A Career In Law.

The Inspiration For Doing Good And Serving The Community Comes From Within.

Serve The Community Righteously With Your Services And Skills.

As A Lawyer, Be A Beacon Of Light For The Youth And Young Generation.

A Good Lawyer Is An Inspiration For Every Soul That Seeks Justice.

Don’t Let The System Or Circumstances Affect You Or Your Justice.

Be So Good At Being A Lawyer That Even Your Enemies Can’t Ignore You.

Have A Positive Impact And Influence On Everyone And Everything You Come Across During The Day.

When Defeat Comes At You, Accept It As A Lesson To Grow.

Self Educate Yourself Every Day; It Will Make You Live A Successful Life.

Be Open To New Experiences And Welcome Them With All Your Heart.

Don’t Be Disheartened In The First Few Days Of Law Schools; Beginnings To Great Things Are Always Hard.

Stay Heed Of The Objective And The Outcome, Not The Obstacles.

Let The Obstacles In Law School Teach You Something, Don’t Look At Them As Hardships, Look At Them As Lessons That Will Shape You Into A Better Lawyer.

If You Push Your Limits Every Day To Get Better, You Will Surely See The Positive Results One Day.

Serious Lawyer Quotes

A lawyer is a person who is very serious because of his profession. He plays a serious role in society and deals with crucial matters of law. Here are some serious quotes related to lawyers:

A Lawyer Might Seem Boring And Serious, But He Never Takes His Work And Job As A Joke.

If You Want To Achieve Great Things In Life, Be Serious About It.

Be Serious And Cautious Even If You Are Handling Glass Of Water, Slightest Inconvenience Can Break The Glass, That’s How Life Works.

The First Principle Of Life Is To Be Serious About Your Ambitions And Goals.

No One Will Listen To You If You Take Everything As A Joke.

When You Believe In Yourself, People Believe In You.

A Serious And Trustworthy Lawyer Will Help You Heartily And Will Even Make Efforts To Pull You Out Of A Scrape.

A Lawyer Is The Only Person Who Reads The Terms And Conditions Before Accepting It.

A Lawyer Does Not Only Work To Serve Humanity, But He Also Works To Achieve The Blessings Of God.

Never Underestimate The Will Power Of A Serious Lawyer, He Would Do Anything To Achieve His Purpose.

Determined And Serious Lawyers Are The Most Successful People On Earth.

successful lawyer quotes

Be A Determined Lawyer, And You’ll Be Successful In Your Life And Your Career.

Thank You Lawyer Quotes

Lawyers Play A Very Important Role In Building Society’s Justice System; We Should Thank Them For Their Work.

Thank You To All The Lawyers Who Have Fought To Maintain Justice.

Thank You To All The Lawyers Who Fought For The Righteous People So That They Could Get Their Rights.

All Lawyers Deserve Appreciation. Thank You To All The Lawyers Who Serve Humanity For Good.

Thank You For Being The Best Lawyer Ever.

My Lawyer Has Helped Me A Lot During My Tough Times, And I Want To Thank Him For Every Effort.

Thanks To My Lawyer Because He Accepted My Case, And Now I Am Tension Free.

Indeed, A Good Lawyer Is The Best Gift Sent By God.

I Thank God That He Sent Such A Trustworthy And Skilled Lawyer On Earth To Help People In Need Through His Services.

Honestly You Are A Great Lawyer.

Divorce Lawyers Are Superheroes.

Thanks To My Lawyer That Now I’m Free Of The False Accusations.

Lawyers Are Superheroes Who Protect You From Problems.

My Lawyer Is Trustworthy, Which Is Why I Am Always Calm While He’s Handling My Case.

I Will Forever Be Grateful To You For Your Services And Truthfulness.

A Man Is Lucky If He Finds The Perfect Lawyer And I Think I’m Lucky.

I Thank My Lawyer Because Beautiful And Helpful People Deserve Affection And Admiration.

I Love Your Enthusiasm Towards Your Work, And I Want To Thank You For Your Efforts.

Attorney Quotes

 If A Country Wants To Prosper And Grow, The Lawyers Of The Country Must Be Loyal And Strict.

Man Has Come Into This World With A Purpose; One Of His Purposes Is To Abide By The Laws Of His Country.

It Is Man’s Duty To Abide By The Law If He Wishes To Enjoy Delights Of Life.

There’s Only One Secret To Living A Peaceful And Noble Life, And That Secret Is Following The Laws Of The State And Religion.

An Attorney Is The Only Person Whom I Trust With My Case And Life Struggles.

Lawyers Are The People Who Are Familiar With The Law And Rules Of Life.

Lawyers And Law Is The Central Point Of The Power Of Government.

Lawyers And Law Is A Strong Pillar That Builds And Supports A Government.

If You Have Weak Laws, Your Government Is Weak. If You Have Strong Laws, Your Government Is Strong.

A Lawyer Will Rescue Your Estate From Your Enemies And Then Will Keep It With Himself.

 To A Lawyer, Every Accusation Appears To Be Insufficient Unless It Is Exaggerated To A Great Extent.

Lawyers Aren’t Perfect, But Justice Is.

Lawyers Are Not Perfect, And If You Don’t Get Justice In This World, Don’t Worry Because God Is Perfect, And He Will Give You Justice And Your Right In The Next World.

If You Are Not Satisfied With The Judgment Of Lawyers, Wait Till God’s Day Of Judgment Arrives. You Will Surely Be Satisfied Then.

Birthday Quotes For Lawyers

Happy Birthday To The Lawyer Who Devoted His Life To Serve His Country.

Happy Birthday To The Superhero Of The Judiciary And Court.

Happy Birthday To A Great Leader And Great Lawyer Who Is An Inspiration For Many Young Souls.

Happy Birthday To The Person Who Has Strived To Get To The Point Where He Is Today. I Hope That You Become A Successful And Great Lawyer.

Happy Birthday To The Lawyer Who Has Made His Country And Family Proud.

Happy Birthday To The Lawyer Who Has The Strong Will Power And Has Worked Hard To Achieve Success.

Success Never Came From The Comfort Zone, And You Proved It By Working Hard. Happy Birthday!

Being A Lawyer Is Not Easy Because You Strive Every Day To Pursue Your Career. Happy Birthday To A Hardworking Person!

Happy Birthday To Simply The Best Person To Ever Exist.

Happy Lawyer’s Day Quotes

Lawyer’s day is celebrated on 3rd December in India. It is a day dedicated to lawyers to appreciate and admire them for their work. Here are some quotes that you can use to wish a happy lawyer’s day to your lawyer:

Wishing A Very Happy Lawyer’s Day To The Best Lawyer In The Country.

Wishing You A Happy Lawyer’s Day Along With Many Good Wishes For Your Future.

May You Win Many More Cases And Be Victorious In Every Field Of Life. Happy Lawyer’s Day.

May This Lawyer’s Day Brings Much Happiness And Success Into Your Life. Happy Lawyer’s Day.

Your Hard Work In Law School Has Paid Off, And Now I Can Finally Wish You A Happy Lawyer’s Day!

Your Story Of Striving For Justice And Law Is Truly Inspiring. Happy Lawyer’s Day To An Inspirational Soul.

Happy Lawyer’s Day, May God Bless You With Even More Wisdom And Knowledge.

I Believe That You Will Fight For Justice Until Your Last Breath. Happy Lawyer’s Day To The Lawyer Who Is Loyal To His Work!

Happy Lawyers Day To The Advocate Who Is Sincere With His Faith To God And Is Striving Every Day To Persevere Justice.

Lawyer Quotes

Lawyer’s Attitude Quotes

A Lawyer’s Attitude Is Just A Trailer Of His Personality.

A Lawyer Might Look Rude Due To His Attitude, But You Should Never Judge A Book By Its Cover.

Lawyer Quotes

A Lawyer Should Adopt Such An Attitude That Influences Everyone Positively.

Lawyer Quotes

If A Lawyer Has A Good Attitude, He Can Make You Believe A Lie.

Lawyer Quotes

Your Attitude Matters A Lot. It Can Make You A Millionaire Even If You Are Poor.

Lawyer Quotes

According To A Lawyer, There Are Three Sides To The Story, Your Story, My Story, And The True Story.

Lawyer Quotes

If The Lawyer’s Attitude And The Argument Are Right, He Will Never Be Proven Wrong.

Lawyer Quotes

A Part Of A Lawyer’s Personality Is A Good Author And Storyteller.

Lawyer Quotes

Female Lawyer Quotes

female layer quotes

Females Are Good At Arguing, Imagine How Good A Female Lawyer Would Be At Arguing.

Lawyer Quotes

Females Are Good At Arguing, But Female Lawyers Are Even Better.

Lawyer Quotes

A Woman Is Never Deprived Of Her Rights, Especially A Female Lawyer.

Lawyer Quotes

A Woman Is Emotional, But A Female Lawyer Never Lets Her Emotions Get In The Way Of Her Work.

Lawyer Quotes

A Female Lawyer Proves Herself With Precise Facts.

Lawyer Quotes

Female Lawyers Are Good At Collecting Evidence To Prove The Guilty One Wrong Because It Is In The Nature Of Females To Prove Herself Right At Any Cost.

Lawyer Quotes

Women Are Never Wrong, Which Is Why Female Lawyers Are The Best.

Lawyer Quotes