117 Emotional Missing Home Quotes

Missing Home Quotes Missing Home Quotes

Missing Home Quotes

Home is not just a place where you live and sleep. It is more than that; it is a feeling of comfort, love, and care. It is the place where your heart and soul find peace and relaxation.

It has a different kind of scent to it that you can find nowhere else, and this scent is close to your heart.

When you enter your home or your old Home, the scent reminds you of the great days and happy moments that you spent in your Home.

Your Home is close to your heart, and it holds a great place in your heart. You might enjoy yourself in a five-star hotel bedroom, but the feeling of true comfort only comes when you get home.

While some people are blessed and lucky to be living in their homes but some have to move away or shift due to some reason, for example, jobs, etc.

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For these people, Life is not easy, and they miss Home quite much. So in this article, I’ll be writing and sharing some quotes for people who are away from Home and miss their Home.

To read all of the lovely quotes, read the article till the end.

Missing Home Quotes After Marriage:

When a person gets married, a lot of changes take place in his or her Life, and one of them is shifting to a new house. These are some quotes that you can relate to if you are a married couple who moved out.

“After Marriage, I realized that living with your parents and siblings is also one of the blessings of God.”

“I truly love living in a new house, which I share with my life partner, but I still miss the time I lived with my parents and the whole family.”

“Life after Marriage is great, but I still miss living in my old Home with my parents and siblings.”

I miss my home quotes

“I recognized the true worth and value of a home when I got married. I miss my Home and for the rest of my family.”

“As a small child, I was excited to leave my Home, but now as a married adult, I get excited to get back home.”

“Marriage is a beautiful thing, and it surely completes you, but it still cannot stop you from missing your Home and parents.”

“It is true that you miss something only when it’s gone. I miss my Home after Marriage.”

Missing Home Quotes For Students

No one misses home more than students who live in hostels. Here are some quotes for students who are living in hostels.

Home Sick Quotes

“I might have more freedom in my hostel, but I still miss my home.”

“Living with your friends in a hostel is fun, but sometimes you just need a break because you miss home.”

“A hostel can be as good as a five-star hotel, but it still can’t replace the comforting feeling that you get when you go to your home.”

“I miss the days in middle school when I was at Home. I miss the warm milk and fruits my mom would bring into my room.”

“What makes me miss my home the most is my mother and her unconditional love for me.”

“Only a student living in a hostel knows the true worth of living in your Home with your parents and having your own room”

“My feet might have left my Home for college, but my heart has always been at Home.”

“What keeps me motivated in college to do better is the thought that one day I’ll return to my Home that I miss so much.”

“To every college student out there who’s living in a hostel and misses his Home, hang on there, you’ll get back home one day.”

Homesick Quotes

“Hostel life makes you homesick. A college student always misses his Home during his college life.”

“Studies in college are hard, but it is harder to deal with homesickness in college, especially if you are living in a hostel.”

“I think I really had to leave my Home in order to really miss it. Now I know it’s important.”

“I miss the comforting feeling that a home has to it. When you are at your Home, you know that you are safe and loved.”

“I’m homesick because I have the thought of going back to Home at least 100 times a day.”

“Being homesick really sucks if you know that you can’t go home anytime soon.”

“There’s no better way to spend your office holidays other than going back home.”

“Homesickness is when you feel something missing inside of you. It is not a feeling that is felt by the brain, but it is a genuine feeling that comes from the heart.”.

“Homesickness can’t be just defined as missing your Home. It is more than that; it is missing the arms and warmth of love that surround you and hug you when you get home.”

Quotes About Missing Home-cooked Food

“There is something special about home-cooked food that no restaurant can compete.”

“I miss home-cooked food because it is the best food in the entire world.”

“The secret ingredient in home-cooked food is mom’s love.”

“I miss home-cooked food. I miss the aroma that would cover the whole house while it was being cooked.”

“I miss running to the kitchen and asking my mom what she is cooking because the house was filled with the delightful aroma of the food.”

“I miss home food because it was cooked with love and care.”

“Lentils which are cooked at Home are better than chicken cooked in a restaurant”

“Being away from Home teaches you a lot because you will miss your home-cooked food even if you are at your favorite restaurant.”

“A mom will just eyeball all the spices and ingredients in a dish, and it would still taste good. That’s when you know that no one can cook better than moms.”

“It is not that the food in restaurants doesn’t taste good. I just miss the love, care, and effort my mom would put into food while she cooked it.”

“There’s something special about home-cooked food because you’ll miss it even if you are at your favorite restaurant.”

Missing Home Country Quotes

Many people migrate from their home country for studying and job purposes. These immigrants miss their homes each day. Here are some quotes for people who are away from their home country and are living in other countries to work for their living.

“Each and every day, I miss the days I spent in my home country.”

“I wish to see my country again. I miss my country so much.”

“I will die for my country if the need arises. This is how much I love and miss my country.”

“I miss the way the soil of my home country would smell after it rained. I hope that I can smell it again.”

“My home country might not be the best for others, but for me, it’s perfect.”

“For the prosperity of my homeland, I will sacrifice everything and anything.”

“A person only realizes the true value of his homeland once he shifts to another country.”

“My home country is the place where I grew up by playing in the mud with my childhood friends.”

“My heart belongs to my homeland.”

“I might be living away from my country, but my mind and heart are always there.”

Quotes on missing home and family:

“The main reason for missing my home is my lovely family.”

“Every burden and sorrow is easy to bear when your family is with you to support you.”

“Being away from home is really hard when you only have your family to support you during tough and hard times.”

“My words can’t describe how much I miss my family and home.”

“My sorrow of being away from my family can’t be described through the use of words.”

“You might be annoyed by your family sometimes, but once you’re away from them, you recognize the importance of their presence.”

“I miss annoying my parents and my siblings.”

“My family is a part of me when I am away from them; a part of me is missing.”

“I will love my family, eternally. I cannot thank my family enough for the support and love they have given me all these years.”

“I miss my family because it is simply the best family, and I couldn’t have asked God for a better family.”

“If my family was here with me, I wouldn’t be this sad and lonely. I miss my family.”

Missing Home Quotes For Professionals

“I am a grown adult, but I still miss my Home. I can’t wait till I can peacefully have rest in my Home.”

“Home is the most comfortable place ever. When you get back home, you automatically get that feeling of comfort.”

“People think that professionals don’t miss their home, but deep down, every professional wants a moment of peace in their home to heal.”

“For a professional, their home is their therapy and happy place.”

“A professional misses his home because he finds it therapeutic and comfortable.”

“No matter how cozy the office of a professional is, he will still miss his Home while being in his office.”

“My mind is always missing my Home. As a professional, I have learned many skills, but I still haven’t learned the skill ’how to not miss your home.’”

“Home is a place which is missed by both students and professionals. Age or profession is not a factor that affects homesickness.”

“I miss the days when the only worry was not being able to play games when I got back home. Now all the worries are about office work.”

Missing Home Quotes For Bachelors

A bachelor is a person who is not married yet. Here are some quotes for all the bachelors out there:

“A bachelor misses his home the most because he does not have a woman or life partner in his life.”

“A woman makes a home; without her, a home is just a house.”

“For a bachelor, there is nothing better than going home and sharing a warm meal with their family.”

“Bachelors know the true value of having a family with whom you can share a meal and good conversations. Because a meal which is shared with family always tastes betters.”

“As a bachelor, the only thing you want is your family and a home.”

“A bachelor’s life is no life for a man who is single and away from home.”

“Be it a bachelor or a married person; he is the happiest when he is at his home.”

“For a bachelor who is away from home, the best place to go to is their home for them.”

“A bachelor may be into traveling a lot, but to find eternal peace, he always comes back to his home.”

Missing Home Funny Quotes

“I miss home but not my annoying siblings.”

I miss my home

“I want to visit my home to rest in silence, but I guess my neighbors don’t know how to be silent for a minute.”

I miss my home

“I miss home but not my annoying neighbors who start cutting their grass at 6 in the morning.”

I miss my home

“The reason why I miss my home is that I can look ugly all day long and still enjoy my day.”

I miss my home

“I miss my home because I could say anything I want because no one would listen to me anyway.”

I miss my home

“When you are at your home, you want to go out with friends, but as soon as you meet them, you want to go back to your home and just sleep.”

I miss my home

“I miss my home sometimes, but then I remember that everyone’s mad at home for no reason.”

I miss my home

“Are you even living at your home if your mom doesn’t yell at you and is mad at you for no reason.”

I miss my home

“I miss my home sometimes, but then I remember that if I go back, I’d have to clean my room every day.”

I miss my home

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

Christmas is an event that can only be truly enjoyed if celebrated with family. Here are some quotes for people who are missing their Home while celebrating Christmas:

“Christmas Is fun only if it is celebrated with friends and family. Without friends and family, Christmas is just a normal day.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

I miss you quotes, You mean the world to me quotes

“When Christmas arrives, all roads lead to Home.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

“I miss having hot chocolate and late-night talks with my family at Christmas.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

“The best part about celebrating Christmas with parents at Home is opening your presents and gifts 📦.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

“For this Christmas, I want Santa Claus to bring my family to me as a present. It will be the best present ever.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

“My family lights up my world just like a Christmas tree lights up our Home.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

“A family is like a Christmas tree, it may seem insignificant, but it is the most significant part of our lives.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

“I miss celebrating Christmas with enthusiasm; I miss putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it with my family.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

“Christmas used to be a special day for me; now it is just a normal day for me.”

Missing Home Christmas Quotes

Bitter And Sweet Missing Home Quotes:

”Your feelings for your Home are mixed, sometimes you have bitter feelings for it, and sometimes you have sweet feelings for it.”

Missing Home Quotes

“My feelings towards my Home are like my relationship with my siblings. It is a sweet and bitter situation.”

Missing Home Quotes

“I would give my kidney to my sibling if he needs it, but I won’t give him my phone charger.”

Missing Home Quotes

“I miss my home, but not my parents scolding me for no reason.”

Missing Home Quotes

“My relationship with my Home is like Tom and Jerry. Without one, the other is incomplete.”

Missing Home Quotes

“I miss my home so much that I would even walk miles to go back to my home.”

Missing Home Quotes

“My Home might not have the best and most expensive furniture, but it is still comfier than any five-star hotel out there. At least to me, it is.”

Missing Home Quotes

“You can love and hate the same thing at the same time, for me, it’s my home.”

Missing Home Quotes

“Loving is a bittersweet feeling; this is why I love my home.”

Missing Home Quotes

Missing Home Quotes During Lock-down

During this Global pandemic, many people are locked in their houses, away from their family and Home. Here are some quotes for people who miss their Home during lockdown:

“We all miss out home and family during this lock down, but we all have to stay strong and fight this pandemic together.”

Missing Home Quotes

“This pandemic would’ve been easier if I was with my family in my home.”

Missing Home Quotes

“Being with family relieves pain, be it a global pandemic or usual sickness.”

Missing Home Quotes

“This lockdown has taught me a lot, especially the importance of living in my home with my family.”

Missing Home Quotes

“I have never missed my family as much as I have during this lockdown and global pandemic.”

Missing Home Quotes

“I miss my home and family a lot, but I got to stay at my house for the safety of my family and myself.”

Missing Home Quotes

“This time of lockdown is surely hard to go through, but it will surely be over one day, and life will get back to normal.”

Missing Home Quotes

Missing Home Best Quotes For Status

“Life is better and more fun when you are at home with your family.”

Missing Home Quotes

“Being with your family at Home with warm food is actually a blessing.”

Missing Home Quotes

“Family and Home are two blessings which are underrated.”

Missing Home Quotes

“If you want to understand the importance of family, ask an orphan. If you want to understand the importance of Home, ask a homeless person.”

Missing Home Quotes


Wrapping up the article on a religious note with quotes related to Bible to treat homesickness:

“We must look for goodness in the city in which God has placed us.

Missing Home Quotes

“No matter where he sends us, we must look for welfare in it.”

Missing Home Quotes

“It doesn’t matter if you are at home or away, always remember God.”

Missing Home Quotes

“Peace and comfort are not confined to a place; it comes from the remembrance of God.”

Missing Home Quotes

“when worries of Life bring anxiety and stress, turn to God, and he will surely bestow you with peace of heart and mind.”

Missing Home Quotes