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Black women quotes black women quotes

In this article we have featured best inspirational black women quotes. A black woman is referred to a woman who belongs from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Black women have a dark complexion and usually have thick and curly hair. 

Black women may differ in these visible features such as different shades of skin color, different hair types, and different body shapes. 

Black Women Quotes
black women quotes

Some people think that all black women are curvy and bulky but it is not the case. Black women can be skinny as well, black beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Each and every woman of the black community, culture, or ethnicity deserves appreciation. Over time these women have been bullied and shamed to a point that they sometimes forget their roots and their culture to fit into the social frame.

They do so because they see no way out of this hectic and traumatic situation. Black men and black women are often deprived of basic human rights.

Recent tragedies which include murdering and arresting of black people show how much black people’s lives are in danger. George Floyd is the most recent victim of this tragedy and violence. although we are not sure what exactly had happened.

To put an end to this trauma and violence, black people have taken a step and protested on the streets to get what they deserve and to get their rights. 

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We all should remember our roots and we should remember where we came from and that there is no one superior to us and there is no one inferior.

We all are human beings and we all are equal. In this article, I will be sharing some quotes related to black women.

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Self Love Black Women Quotes
black women quotes

Black Lives Matter – Famous Black Women Quotes

“Black people have always fought for their rights, their right to live, and be free. To put an end to this black slavery and to change their mindset about black people being thieves or robbers.”

Black Women Quotes

A well said words saying by Malebo Sephodi.. She says that

“The voice of a black woman must be Herself,

No Edits, No Erasure – No Pressure – No Expectations – No Additions – No Intruders”

Motivational Black Women Quotes

“If you want respect from other people you should start respect and love yourself first..”

beautiful black women quotes

“No matter what is your complection you are a beautiful woman with beautiful heart.. Love that”

Lovely black women quotes

Black women is not bad , but for the world they are not worth it.. White girls always try to down them..

Harsh Black lady quotes

Black women are not bad or bitter, they are just frustrated for being expected to settle for less..

issa rae -black women quotes

“Be Great, Be Beautiful, Be Kind, Be Black”

Powerful Black Women Quotes

“A white girl can never be alone until they want, because a white man always cherish her, black man wants them and black girl work for them.. bitter truth”

inspired by maya angelow – black women quotes

“We will not stop talking and spreading awareness unless everyone learns and implements black lives matter practically. We don’t want more innocent black people to end up like George Floyd.”

Black Women Quotes

“To change this horrible reality and to wake people up from this nightmare, it was necessary for the black community to stand up.”

Black Women Quotes

“if you actually believe in a cause, then get ready and be willing to stand up for your cause, you can either stand up with a million people supporting you or you can stand up by yourself, all alone.”

inspirational quotes by black women
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“To achieve your goal and achieve your freedom, it may cost you a lot. But once you get it, it is an unmatchable relief from stress. It may offend many but that shouldn’t be your concern if you are right.”

Black Women Quotes

“The anticipation of offense is a really small price to pay for independence.”

Black Women Quotes
Beautiful quotes for black people
black women quotes

“Strive for freedom and justice even if it takes forever, but never stop being just and fair.”

Black Women Quotes

Empowering Quotes For Black Women / Black people equality quotes

Black people should be treated the same way every other human is treated. Black people are no different than us except their color, race, and culture.

“Our black culture and race define us. It is our identity. It is not a scale to measure our or your superiority or inferiority.”

Black people are to be respected in every religion. In Islam, the first Man to call people to prayer from a mosque was black. This shows that black people should also get the same opportunities to work just like other races.

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black, nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.”

Black Women Quotes

Courageous Black Women Quotes

Black women are equally powerful and smart. The voice and action of every black woman matter. If you ever feel like that you cannot make an impact alone, here’s a quote for you:

“To the people who think that they are extremely small to have an influence, try going to bed with a single mosquito in the room.”

Anita Koddick

Being a woman is very tough to handle everything, especially for a Black Women!!

A quote by Margaret Mead, ” Don’t be uncertain that a handful of people who are thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that can bring a change in this world.”

Black Women Quotes

“To bring a change in the world, we must be the change we wish to see and live.” Martin Luther Luther King Jr.

Black Women Quotes

Another encouraging and motivating quote by Martin Luther King Jr.

“To achieve infinite hope we must learn to accept finite disappointment”

Black Women Quotes

Black Women Self-Love Quotes:

It is a very famous quote that, “you can love someone else only, if you love yourself first.”

Black Women Quotes

Black women are inspirations to many young black girls and other girls too. Here are some self-love and self-improvement quotes by black people and other people as well:

Black Women Quotes

Another quote by Martin Luther King Jr.

“Without brightening our own path we cannot hold a torch to brighten someone else’s path”

Black Women Quotes

“To create a sense of community it is essential for everyone to have the sense of caring”

Black Women Quotes

With self-love comes generosity and calmness. Once you achieve peace of mind, you’re ready to spread love and shake hands. Here is a quote that indicates that we must be open-hearted to accept people just how they are:

Black women quotes
black women quotes

“You cannot shake hands with someone while having your fist clenched ” Indra Gandhi

Black Women Quotes

Quotes on serving others

Another great quote by Martin Luther King who was self less and served the community:

“There is no better  way to find your self other than losing your self while helping others and serving others”

Black Women Quotes

“Religions include human service and we should follow it religiously. To strive and work for the common good is the best ideology”

Black Women Quotes

“Serve others so that you can make a good impression. Serve others so that you, as a black person can represent the whole black community.”

Black Women Quotes

Black people are known for their rich culture and known for their great blend of spices and flavors in their food. They are also known for their hospitality, here are some quotes by me regarding the hospitality culture of black people:

Black Women Quotes

“Black people welcome you with a smile on their faces and love in their hearts. Their way of showing you love and affection is by making delicious food for you and by making you feel like a part of their own family.”

Black Women Quotes

“Black people are very generous and open-hearted. You could never possibly find a penny-pincher black man or woman unless he Is very poor.”

Black Women Quotes

“Black people will never forget your kindness and favor. Even if you have helped them once, they’ll remember it for a lifetime.”

Black Women Quotes

Black Women Leadership Quotes

There have been many black leaders in the past years such as Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Mary Church Terrell.

The black women mostly have leadership qualities and they have the will power to lead and to learn. Here are some leadership quotes inspired by black women:

“We have got to have a legacy of our own leadership. We must bring along with us a generation of young black women who are going to confront twenty-first-century realities.”

Black Women Quotes

“ You can choose from either two ways of influencing human behavior: you can either manipulate it or inspire it. The choice is all yours.”

Black Women Quotes

“When it is the time to celebrate victory, you should keep your people ahead of you. When it is time to face a challenge or difficulty, you should lead your people and be in the front. Only this way you can earn trust and be a good leader.” Nelson Mandela

Black Women Quotes

A quote by Gloria Steinem regarding leadership:

“It is clear that no one knows what leadership has gone undiscovered in women of all races, and in black and other minority men.”

inspirational black women quotes

Black Women Self-acceptance Quote

A great quote by Michelle Obama which indicates self-acceptance:

“The person who allows himself or herself to heard or known has power. The person has the power to own his unique story, and in using their own authentic voice.”

 black women quotes and sayings

Another self-empowering quote by Maya Angelou: “Being successful is to like yourself, to like what you do and to like the way you do it.”

black beautiful women quotes

Black Women History Quotes:

Black people and especially black women have a deep history to them. This history and story is told by many but doesn’t get the attention that it deserves.

Here are some quotes relating to the history of black women:

“Our past and history, despite being a wrenching pain cannot be undone or  erased, but if faced with courage, there will be no need to live it again.”

white men black women quotes

Another quote by Maya Angelou:

“The trouble I have with the haters is that they only look at my success and my glory, but the sad part is that they don’t know my story ”

inspirational quotes for young black women

Black women have always tried and worked hard to get civil rights and the recognition that they deserve. Here is a quote by Dorothy Height in which she refers to herself as someone who has tried:

I desire to be remembered as a human being who used herself to do anything to achieve and touch justice with freedom. I want to be someone who tried and never gave up.

“I believe that the history of black women has given them the strength to not only get through hardships and fight for justice but also to get up and to get over with it.”

positive quotes for black women

Inspiring Black Women Quotes:

We know that women build-up nearly half of the world’s population which shows how much women’s influence can have an impact on everything.

A woman is the core and pillar of a household. A woman builds and glues the family to stick together through thick and thin.

Here are some quotes about women’s importance so that women can identify the significance and what role they play in society.

“A country’s future and success depend on its youth. The future and success of the youth depend on their mothers.

What matters is the way their mothers bring them up.

Mothers play a significant role in every child’s life and the country’s future.”

strong black women quotes

As said by Michelle Obama:

“I think that there is no country that can actually flourish without the involvement of women. If a country deprives its women of their civil rights and the right to work, it is wasting half of its citizens.”

diary of a mad black women quotes

It is taught in Islam to respect your parents and especially your mother. A mother is given so much importance in Islam that it is stated that

good morning encouraging black women quotes

 “Paradise lies under the feet of your mother.”

famous black women quotes

“Every woman deserves respect and love.”

motivational quotes for black women quotes

A quote by Mike Tyson that indicates what black women go through every day and how hard it is to live in a society where women are unappreciated every day.

I understand how tough it is to be a woman, especially a black woman

successful black women quotes

The well-known Oprah Winfrey’s saying about following your instincts, ” True wisdom comes from following your instincts.”

powerful black women quotes

A black woman’s struggles of life are endless but they will surely come to an end of a gloomy day.

“Fear a black woman who looks at fire and smiles because I’m being real when I say she has been through hell.”

 inspiring quotes by black women

Conclusion of Black Women Quotes

Wrapping up the article with advice that always respect women despite their color, race, culture, and ethnicity. Respect black women in the same way that you respect white women, and vice versa.

Respecting and helping others is a two-way street. You cannot expect someone to give you the respect that you are not giving them.

Be kind and gentle to every human being. You never know what someone is going through so try your level best to be nice.

empowerment for black women quotes