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101 perfect son in law quotes Son in law quotes

A son in law becomes a part of two families when he marries someone’s daughter. He is a son who has two fathers and two mothers to look for and to respect. He has duties to fulfill as a son and as a son in law quotes.

In short, he has duties to fulfill both of the families to keep them happy and satisfied. A son in law does many things to maintain his status as a good son in law and as a son. A son in law proves himself as a good son and he definitely deserves appreciation and love for his efforts.

Every good and etiquette son in law deserves to be appreciated and treated well because it surely is a blessing to have such a son in law. If he treats your daughter well, takes care of her and loves her then he surely deserves to be loved by you as a good mother in law and father in law.

In this article, I will be sharing some quotes you can share with your son in law on events like anniversary, birthday, etc. I will also be sharing quotes related to moods such as sad, happy, funny, etc.

Son in law quotes
Son in law quotes

Quotes for son in law on events

Here are some quotes to share with your son in law on events

Son-in-law Birthday Wishes

To congratulate and wish your son in law a very happy birthday, here are some quotes:

 Happy birthday to my dearest son in law, enjoy this special day, on this day you were born and a good human being, son in law and husband was brought into this world.

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Happiest birthday to my special son in law, have a special day just as special as you are. Have a great party and enjoy yourself on this very special day.

 To my son in law, happy birthday and enjoy yourself. Celebrate this happy day with your friends, wife, and family.

 I pray this day brings much happiness and many happier years into my son-in-law’s life. So that he has many things to be grateful for.

 I hope on this birthday, God blesses you with a lovely family, children, success, and happiness. Once again, happy birthday son in law!

 Happy birthday dear son in law, I pray to God that every good thing in this world in your favor and that He blesses you with a good fate and a good life.

 Happy birthday, may this blessed day bring you joy and happiness, may God bless you with his divine gifts and bounties.

Blessed be the day on which you were born, a great mother brought a great son and son in law in this world. Happy birthday to my lovely son in law!

Happy birthday son in law! Eat a lot of cake to satisfy your stomach and your desires on this happy day!

 Celebrate your birthday with excitement and full energy. Treat yourself well on your birthday, happy birthday dear son in law!

Son in law quotes for wedding
wedding quotes for son in law

 happy birthday son in law, live the night and dance the night away. Birthdays come after 365 days so don’t waste it and have some fun!

If a good birthday party makes you happy then it is not a waste of time or money. Happy birthday son in law.

Son In Law Good Morning Quotes

Here are some good morning quotes to share with your son in law after every sunrise:

Son in law quotes

 Good morning dear son in law, I hope that with every sunrise, your day gets filled with good times and success.

Son in law quotes

Good morning son in law, may the warmth of the sun make your heart soft and happy.

Son in law quotes

Good morning to my sunshine, my son in law, and my lovely son. I hope you get promoted to a better rank in your office and you get the best things that you deserve.

Son in law quotes

May this sunrise brighten your day with love, warmth, wisdom, and success. Say hello to the new day dear son in law!

May your love increase for my daughter and your family with this increasing warmth of the sun on this hot summer day. Good morning to my son in law!

You make my daughter’s morning better than ever, thank you, my dear son, for this. I hope your morning goes well too today. I wish you a very good morning.

I wish a very good and happy morning to my lovely son in law, may all the goods be in your favor!

good morning and wake up to work hard so that you can push yourself to do better and better every day!

Every morning brings endless happiness and blessings with it; you just have to find it and pray for it to be blessed by God.

Start your morning with a morning prayer and God will ease all of your difficulties and pain during the day.

This day will surely bring you good fortune and will prove to be beneficial for you and your family. Good morning son in law!

Good morning, I believe that you can achieve every goal that you have ever thought of if you put in the effort to achieve it. So, wake up and work hard every day to achieve it.

Son in law quotes

 Only time, ability to learn, and improve will help you gain experience in this world. So, wake up every morning with the will to put in time and effort for learning new things.

Son In Law Good Evening Quotes

Evenings are meant for relaxation and treating yourself with a warm cup of tea. On a beautiful evening, you can share the following quotes with your son in law:

Good evening son in law, give yourself some time and pamper yourself so that your mind and body can find peace.

Good evening to my hard-working son in law. You have worked hard throughout your day to support your family, now take some rest.

This evening take some rest and relieve your stress with a cup of hot chocolate or a warm cup of tea.

I’ve heard that taking a bath with warm water can help in reducing stress. Try taking a bath with warm water this evening.

Good evening dear son in law, sip away a cup of hot chocolate this evening with the love of your life.!

Good evening son in law, share your thoughts and sorrows with my daughter just like you share happiness and good times with her, this will make you feel light and less tense.

I hope that with every sip of your evening tea, your worries vanish and your life gets filled with happiness.

Don’t overthink the events that took place during the day instead give your mind a break and let it rest.

Please don’t stress over the small things that you missed in a day, everything will fall into place, just be patient.

Enjoy your evenings and thank God for every blessing, this will make your evenings peaceful than ever.

Don’t over-analyze your life plans if you have already thought well before designing them or making them. God is the best of the planners and he will surely make it work. Good evening!

Your next day will possibly be better if you spend your evening in the best way. I wish you a good and happy evening!

Live your life in a way that you won’t regret something after you die. So, enjoy this family dinner and give charity to the ones in need. Good evening!

I hope you shine as bright as the stars in the sky this evening. Good evening to my lovely son in law!

Son In Law Anniversary Quotes

 Happy anniversary to my son-in-law, I don’t know what I do to deserve a great son in law like you. I will forever be grateful.

 Happy anniversary to the son in law who made daughters’ life easier and gave her a shoulder to lean on. Thank you, my dear son.

 Happy anniversary to my son who has enlightened my daughter’s life with his love and care. Stay happy and stay the same.

 Happy anniversary to my son in law who has spoiled my daughter in a nice way with love and affection. May God bless you with even more love and affection.

Happy anniversary to my dear son in law. May your every year be filled with more happiness and joy. May your marriage be a successful and happy one.

 Happy Anniversary to my brilliant son-in-law. You have always been a great son. I hope you have many more happy and joyous moments to share with your family.

 Happy anniversary to the loveliest son-in-law. Your marriage has brought us great happiness in the form of grandchildren and another happy family. I hope your life is filled with joy and pleasure.

 A very happy anniversary to the loveliest and cutest son in law. May this anniversary bring you satisfaction and peace to your heart. You deserve the world.

 to my dear son in law, I wish you a really happy anniversary. Celebrate your anniversary with love and happiness. May this year you share even more happy moments with your family and have many more to cherish and to be thankful for.

 My beloved son in law your match with my daughter is like a match made in heaven, may this marriage and anniversary be a blessed and happy one.

 Cheers to my son in law and this special day when two little innocent hearts met each other and two bodies shared the same soul.

 I pray to God that your love keeps on growing like this and I hope that you face no obstacle or difficulty in your life. May this anniversary be the best for my daughter and for my son in law.

 I would like to wish an anniversary filled with love and care to my dearest son in law. As a mother I hope to see you both always laughing and sharing smiles. Cheers to your bond and relationship

 To my son in law, the apple of my eye, another year has passed of you spending your life with my daughter and I hope there are many more for you both to spend. Happy anniversary and have fun.

 I am happy that I can proudly say, without hesitation, that I have the best son in law.  Happy anniversary to the best son and to the best daughter. Love you both to the moon and back.

Motivational quotes for son in law

All humans need motivation and support during some phases of life. Some people might not ask you for motivation but deep down, they know it, that they need it. So, for people like these, try to motivate them often and encourage them to move forward. Here are some spiritual and motivational quotes to share with your son in law:

Spiritual Quote

I am happy to say that I am fortunate enough to find a son in law like you who makes my daughter happy and satisfied.

my dear son in law, you are a beautiful soul created by God and Chosen by my daughter as a life partner.

My son in law has a kind and beautiful soul which must be cherished and loved because it is all that he deserves.

You are such a gentleman which is why I always pray to God to protect you and that no evil eye ever harms you.

Be thankful to God for every little blessing and watch how he heals your soul and changes your life.

No matter how many achievements or blessings a person has, if he is an ungrateful soul, he will ignore those blessings and still complain.

For a grateful person, even his eyes are a big blessing which is sufficient to thank God for every second that passes.

I hope God strengthens you spiritually and provides you with peace of mind because you truly deserve it.

I thank God for the day when two innocent souls like you and my daughter found each other.

When our daughter chose you, we knew that you were a good choice and that we would love you.

Motivational Quotes For Son In Law

My dear son in law don’t lose hope, you are strong and I know that you can achieve this goal.

You never have to worry about losing because you have got two families that have your back!

Whenever the world puts you down, just think about the two families that you have to support you and love you.

My dear son in law, there’s one thing that I surely know and that is that you will never run out of motivation to push you because we will always be here to motivate you.

don’t listen to the negative voices that demotivate you, avoid them, and ignore them if you want to grow.

Cancel out the negative energy in your life and observe how beautifully it will affect your life.

Push beyond your limits because no one else would do it for you.

If you want to be successful then focus more on solutions rather than problems.

focusing and stressing over problems will get you nowhere, whereas focusing on solutions will get you past your problems.

Step out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve something extraordinary.

The successful people in this world are proof that success never came from their comfort zone.

No millionaire is rich at the beginning, you have to start from somewhere, start from a penny or a dollar, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the hard work you put in to multiply the dollar or the penny.

Success is not all about money, it is about maintaining work-life and happiness side by side.

I believe that my son in law can become a successful man because he has the potential to do so.

If you fail in achieving your goal, change your strategy but never change your goal if it is beneficial.

focus on the things which are within your control, stop stressing over things which are not under your control, leave it to God.

Funny Quotes For Son In Law

 A little bit of fun has never ruined anything so add a bit of fun in every aspect of your life.

Son in law quotes

 My daughter always made me mad when she did stupid things, my dear son in law, I don’t understand how are you still sane

Son in law quotes

My son in law might have thought that he’s marrying a woman whose wise, little did he know that he is actually marrying someone who is still a child at heart.

Son in law quotes

My son in law actually has to look after two kids, one his son and other his wife 😂

Son in law quotes

 I thought my daughter has good taste in men but she chose you.

Son in law quotes

 When I looked at my son in law I thought he must have a good taste in women but he chose my daughter.

Son in law quotes

Who needs a comedian to make you laugh when you have a son in law like mine.

Son in law quotes

I pray to God that my grandchildren are funny like me because my daughter and son in law are not funny.

Son in law quotes

Bad Son In Law Quotes

 Stop provoking people until you bring out their bad side. By provoking and constantly pushing people’s limits, you end the kindness that they have for you.

Son in law quotes

My son in law should know that I hate it when someone lies to me.

Son in law quotes

Don’t think that you are smart enough to get away by lying to me, I know the truth but I don’t speak up because I am just waiting for the right time to arrive.

Son in law quotes

Love requires respect but it looks like my son in law doesn’t know what love or respect means.

Son in law quotes

Stop looking down on people who are kind to you out of respect. Know your place.

Son in law quotes

I have always wanted a great son to marry my daughter but I think it was in my fate to get an ungrateful son in law.

Son in law quotes

No matter how much you help an ungrateful person, he will always be unhappy and unsatisfied.

Son in law quotes

Son in-laws think that all mothers-in-law are evil which is why no matter how hard we try, we are always the mean ones in their story.

Son in law quotes

Not all mothers in law are evil, sometimes the son in law is the evil one.

Son in law quotes

Most of the stories have the mother in law as a bad character but in my story, my son in law is the main character.

Son in law quotes

To my son in law, you will never find peace because you have hurt your mother in law.

Son in law quotes

Lovely Son In Law Quotes

 You may not share our blood dear son in law but I have always considered you as my own son and family.

Son in law quotes

My dear son in law, we are connected by trust, loyalty, and respect, not by blood or DNA.

Son in law quotes

Every mother wants her daughter to marry a lovely man, I am thankful that my daughter has found you.

Son in law quotes

 A good son in law obeys his parents and in-laws. If that’s the case, my son in law is a good person.

Son in law quotes

I love my son in law as my own son. I don’t love him as my son because he is my daughter’s husband but because he has earned this love with respect.

Son in law quotes

My son in law is such a sweetheart that he deserves to be treated like a king.

Son in law quotes

My son in law is very humble and down to earth. I hope God blesses him with every success in life.

Son in law quotes

 You are not only the perfect match for a daughter but also a perfect match for our family.

Son in law quotes

My son in law blends so well with our family that it feels like he has a part of us from the very beginning.

Son in law quotes

God has blessed me with many gifts but his best gift was blessing me with a son in law like you!

Son in law quotes


Wrapping up the article: Every mother in law and father in law has different thoughts about their son in law. Some might be fortunate enough to find a great son in law while others might not find the perfect match.

If you are happy with the son in law that you found, then you can surely share some of these quotes with him!