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Badass Quotes & Captions

Being badass means being a Savage with an elite sense of humor. A badass person has mastered the art of not giving a damn about any inconvenience.

He stays calm and badass during chaotic situations. Being badass is a personality trait that might be attractive to many people. If you are a badass or know someone who is a badass, this article is definitely for you.

 Original new BadAss Quotes Rhymes 

1. I am A class; I am badass

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2. My eyes can also remove bras. I am badass

3. Give me velvet bentgrass,I am badass

4. Hey you middle class, I am wire glass, I am a Badass

5. I am an atomic mass; I am a badass.

The most badass quotes

6. Badassery runs through my veins and blood.

7. Being a badass is just a part of my personality.

8. My personality is incomplete without being a badass.

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9. I love being the badass person that I am.

10. People who don’t like me because of my badassery can leave me right away.

11. No one can be as badass as me.

12. Badass is not just a personality trait; it is a way to live life.

13. I am the most badass person that you can ever find.

14. People who are badass and sassy are the best type of people.

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15. I am a simple person; I listen to everyone’s advice but do whatever I personally think is the best.

16. Listen to everyone but don’t let their opinion change you.

17. Consider useless opinions as a boomerang. Listen to it from one ear and let it leave from the other.

18. People’s opinion doesn’t matter unless you give them importance in your life.

19. Be so determined about your goal that even the hardest rocks on your way to success melt like candles due to fear.

20. I will never stop being a badass.

Best badass quotes

21. Be the best example of being a badass.

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22. People have not treated me in the best way, and I will make sure that I do the same.

23. Don’t take revenge from people just out of anger; make them learn a lesson from that revenge.

24. Innocent and kind people leave it to God when they are poorly treated, badass people teach them the lesson by themselves.

25. Act so nice and naive that even your close people are unaware of your badassery.

26. Badassery was something I was born with.

27. Some people become badass after struggling, whereas some are God-gifted with this trait.

28. The badassery that comes from life experiences is better than the badassery that has no foundation.

29. People who don’t give a damn about people’s negative opinions are the best type of people.

30. I don’t care what people say about me. Only I have the right to write my own story.

31. My mum didn’t give birth to me only to impress people.

32. My aim is greater than just impressing people around me.

33. With the passage of time, you realize that your only true helper is God.

Savage captions for Instagram

34. We all like to act tough and savage on Instagram. Here are some savage captions that you can use for your Instagram pictures:

35. No obstacle can stop me; I’m all the way up.

36. Ask yourself, do you care to do this?

37. I never say no to adventures.

38. If I had to describe myself in two words, I’d say savage and classy.

39. I am a savage yet a friendly person.

40. Call me bad and boujee.

41. There’s a savage side to this innocent face.

42. Get yourself a girl who is savage and elegant.

43. If there were a competition for the most savage person, I would have been the winner.

44. Love me as I am or leave.

45. You can’t complain about me being a savage; it is just the way I am.

46. People who can match your level of being savage are the best.

47. I love being a savage.

48. I live in my own world because that’s what my heart requires to be happy.

49. My life is mine, not yours, so mind your own business.

50. Hmm. I don’t remember asking for your opinion.

Badass Captions

51. I get rid of anything that comes in my way.

52. I don’t like distractions when I am doing my work.

53. I am my own captain, leader, and guide.

54. I need no negative energy in my life, positive vibes only.

55. I Don’t care about you or your opinion.

56. In your opinion, you can keep it. I really don’t need it.

57. Life doesn’t work your way, and you have to amend your ways according to it.

58. A badass person can have a soft and kind heart.

59. I can say that I have finessed the art of badassness.

60. It is not easy to finesse the art of badassness.

61. Keeping me down is impossible.

62. Every failure is a motivation for me to do better.

63. I am not discouraged by my failures, in-fact my failures are my motivation.

64. Hopelessness is for the weak, and I am not weak.

65. The only thing that matters to me is my happiness.

66. I have got no time for fakes and snakes.

67. I would rather have one loyal friend than a hundred fake friends.

Badass quotes for men/guys and boys

68. Your mind is the best weapon that you can use against your enemy and friend.

69. If you are able to make great decisions in chaotic times, you will never face negative consequences.

70. The standards set by society doesn’t make a real man.

71. A real man knows his worth and value.

72. A brave man is always ready to face any situation thrown at him by life or God.

73. A badass man comes up with the best comebacks in an argument.

74. A badass man is always ready to do adventurous dares.

75. If you get in an argument with a badass man, accept your defeat.

76. Badass people don’t waste their time by arguing with a stupid person.

77. I prefer silence over noise and talking.

78. They laugh at me while I’m hustling to get rich, but when I get rich, they swear that they know me.

79. A lesson you must learn from life, never depend on anyone other than God.

80. Strong moms produce strong men.

81. My wealth doesn’t define me; my muscle gains do.

Badass quotes for girls

82. I like my eyeliner to represent me, bold and sharp.

83. There is no such thing as too much of a sass or ass.

84. A woman can be going through the toughest phase of her life, and you wouldn’t even guess it until she shows her emotions or makes it obvious. That’s how patient a woman is.

85. You cannot hurt a woman’s feelings by wearing six-inch pencil heels while carrying a child.

86. Grace them with your presence.

87. Give them a little bit of your sparkle.

88. Nothing enrages a hater more than your silence.

89. I answer my haters with my sandals, not words.

90. I’d choose myself over you any day.

91. A woman looks fragile, but she is as strong as a wall made of lead.

92. A woman’s emotional capability is immaculate and immeasurable.

93. Once a woman stops caring, your game is over.

94. Appreciate her and love her now; don’t wait for the perfect moment.

95. Appreciate her before its too late.

96. Self-love is the first step towards success.

97. Baby, my mascara costs more than your betrayal.

98. A self-made queen doesn’t need a king to make her feel special.

Short badass quotes

99. The only time I am not sarcastic is while I am sleeping.

100. fuck life before it fucks you.

101. 5’2 with an attitude of 6’2

102. Quite but not blind or deaf.

103. I’m tired of all this fake love.

104. Don’t tell me what you think I can be.

105. I’m the master of my own life.

106. I’m the face of the future.

107. The only dreams that you cannot achieve are the ones you didn’t work for.

108. Always be one step ahead of time; you never know what’s coming at you.

109. Money isn’t everything, but I stack it because you never know.

110. I am currently the best version of myself.

111. Humble but still above you.

112. My haters admire me.

113. They can’t ignore me even if they want to.

114. Oops almost gave a fuck.

115. Being shot in the chest is better than being stabbed in the back.

116. Be a leader, not a follower.

117. Great nations know their values.

118. Respect yourself first.

119. If you are being disrespected in a gathering, leave.

120. Come back stronger and sharper.

Badass quotes about love

121. Love is when you grow together.

122. Love is not all about fucking.

123. Once you fall in love, there is no going back.

124. Fell in love? Game over.

125. It takes courage to be loyal to a world full of cheaters.

126. Love can melt the hardest stones.

127. Women need men like fish need a bicycle.

128. Give me money, not love.

129. The money will fill your stomach; love will not.

130. Love is a mutual feeling. It can never be from one side I the party.

131. Love is a boundary for the weak and a strength for the courageous.

132. There is no such thing as a limit in love.

133. In love, you expect less and give more.

134. My love is not for everyone. Only deserving people get the chance to experience it.

135.Act with love but never hesitate to act tough when it’s time to do so.

136. Love isn’t a weakness; it is a strength.

137. If I love you, it doesn’t mean that you can treat me with bullshit and expect me to say nothing.

138. Never be insecure about love.

139. If you are not sure about your partner’s love, then it is not loved.

140. Rule number one of love; never plays with someone’s heart.

141. It is a rule of love to never play with the feelings of your partner.

Badass quotes about life

142. You have achieved success if you have stopped giving a damn about what people think.

143. My motivation is that I only have one life to prove my badassery.

144. Life will only get better if you work for it.

145. You can’t expect life to go right if you’re doing it the wrong way.

146. Their opinion about your life or living is not your reality.

147. Don’t let ten bad seconds of your day ruin your whole day.

148. People are responsible for the image they have created in their minds; you are not responsible for their thoughts, so carry on.

149. The correct use of power is also a skill.

150. Don’t let your ambitions blind you.

151. Dark times help you recognize your friend and enemy.

152. If life gives you a problem, make an opportunity out of it.

153. You can’t just pray to God for the perfect moment; you have to work for it.

154. It’s the personal efforts of a person that make a difference.

155. If you are willing to do it, you will find your way.

156. If you are determined to achieve it, nothing can stop you.

Badass quotes for haters

157. Haters can kiss my ass.

158. I feel sad for my haters. They hate me, yet they can’t avoid me.

159. Haters hate you because you are successful.

160. My haters can burn in the glory of my success.

161. I think my haters are so innocent because they think I give a shit about them.

162. I wish I could buy a life for my haters.

163. Hating me is the only fun thing that my haters do.

164. The funny thing is that my haters don’t have the guts to face me.

165. Being a hater must be awful.

167. I thought there is no one more disappointing than failures; then, I saw my haters.

168. I thought the world is a lovely place, but then I saw my haters.

169. This much hate will get you nowhere.

170. With love, you can make a place in people’s hearts, but with hate, you can’t even get in.

171. Don’t let hate take over you.

172. It is true that with great success comes great love and hate from people.

173. Your hate is what keeps me motivated that I am doing something right.

174. Truth is always hard to bear, which is why people on the right path get so much hate.

175. Love is eternal; hate is temporary.

Badass military quotes

176. Do you think you can make me cry? My father is in the military.

177. Only a brave man can be a part of the military.

178. A soldier will sacrifice everything for the sake of his country.

179. The country’s safety is a soldier’s top priority.

180. Being in the military is not easy; you say goodbye to your loved ones, not being sure whether you’ll ever be able to see them again.

181. It takes courage to fight on your border while you are responsible for the safety of the whole country.

182. Only a soldier’s mother would know how hard it is to let your son go to serve the country.

183. A Soldier dedicates his life to his country so that everyone in the country can feel safe.

184. A soldier works for his country without any greed.

185. For a soldier or military person, his country means the world to him.

186. A soldier prioritizes the nation’s needs over his personal needs.

187. Respect the people who risk their lives just so that they can protect your freedom.

Badass feminist quotes

188. Men and women are not equal. Women are better than men.

189. Sad that a great gender like ‘women’ has to compare themselves to ‘men.’

190. I am not a feminist because I want equal rights as men; I am a feminist because I want women to know about their basic rights.

191. Feminism is not meant to spread hatred; it is to spread awareness and love.

192. Haters will find bad in anything good, even in something as good as feminism.

193. You should never mess with a feminist; she will destroy you with her knowledge.

194. People who say feminism is stupid are the same people who support patriarchy.

Badass cowboy quotes

195. A cowboy loves to ride two things, one his horse and second his girl.

196. Cowboys are the best type of people.

197. A cowboy prefers a wild pony ride instead of a ride in a luxurious car.

198. A horse is the first love of cowboys.

199. I would like some fresh air to cleanse my soul and heart.

200. Town life is better than city life.

201. These gray buildings make me feel imprisoned, even with the freedom to do everything.

202. There is no better place to live than a town full of lovely people and a refreshing environment.

Badass marine quotes

203. Warriors who sacrifice their life for their country always remain alive in the hearts of people.

204. The marine corps is an inspiration for us to serve our country at the cost of living.

205. My country has given me shelter, happiness, and family. It is my duty to protect it.

206. The soil of my country is where my body belongs.

207. Mortal actions can’t deceive a soldier.

208. For a soldier, the mud and soil is his bed, and the weapon that he carries is his best companion.

Badass Bodybuilding quotes

209. My body is the first and last home of my soul. It is my duty to take care of it.

210. My body deserves love and care, which is why I am interested in bodybuilding.

211. I put my soul and heart into bodybuilding.

212. I am making sure that my body is the best version of itself.

213. Get into bodybuilding, not girls, because exercise won’t break your heart.

214. It is not all about external beauty, but I take care of my external beauty just in case.

215. My stretch marks motivate me to get fit.

216. My scars and loose skin are a sign of my success.


I am wrapping up the article with badass quotes in a different language. Badassery comes in all shapes and languages, right?

Badass quotes in Latin

Here is the explanation or meaning of these quotes in English:

217. I think we’re more than just friends because you’re clearly more than happy to see me.

218. If you are satisfied with yourself, you win.

219. I am not a follower; I am a leader.

220. Don’t challenge me, you’ll regret it.

221. If you dream of something, you must work hard for it.

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