Friendship day Quotes – Quotes that will warm your friend’s heart

Friendship day quotes for school friends, forever friends messages, Life Time Friends Quotes Happy-Friendship-day

Generally Friendship day is celebrated on 30th July as an “International friendship day”, but some countries celebrate friendship day on different dates.

So, here you can read best friendship day quotes for your best friends and family members.

What does friendship actually mean?

Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship day messages, Friendship day quotes for Husband-Friend.

Always get new Gems in life, but don’t forget the old one because old Gems (friends) are more precious then the new!!

Happy Friendship’s Day to Forever Friends..

Have you ever actually thought about what friendship really means? A friendship is a bond shared between two people who have mutual feelings of care, love, and similar thoughts and interests.

It is far beyond just talking to each other nicely. It is a relationship where one understands the problem of his friend without having him to mention the problem.

Seeing and feeling the sorrow and joy through your friends’ eye is a part of this friendship.

It is a bond that cannot be described in words; the depth of its meaning is so intense that the words cannot weigh the weight of this bond.

It is a combination of love, trust, loyalty, respect, and all the kind aspects one can ever think of.

If you have a friend with whom you share such a bond, be grateful to him and God. It is not easy to have a friend like that.

Do not make him feel unwanted, remind him of how special he is, and what his presence means to you.

Friendship day quotes

The best way to express your affection towards a friend is by sharing a quote with him.

A quote can greatly convey the message in a short sentence. So, here are some quotes to share with your friend to make him feel special and important:

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Friendship Birthday Quotes:

Is there any better day to make someone feel special other than his special day?

The best friend birthday quotes can make your friend feel even better on his birthday.

Here are some friendship birthday quotes: 

Every year, your Birthday comes, but you know a true friend like you comes only once in life..”

Happy friendship Day Dear!!

Friendship Day Quotes

This quote will make your friend feel unique and important.

Some best friendship quotes

Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship day messages, Friendship day quotes for Husband-Friend.

“I wish you get all the happiness and joy on this day and it remains forever in your life. May you live your life to fullest and get everything in your life that is good for you and that your heart desires.”

Friendship Day Quotes

“Today my wish on your birthday that it is as special as you are” Happy birthday dear friend

Friendship Day Quotes
Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship day messages, Friendship day quotes for Husband-Friend.

Friendship brings happiness and vanish all misery, by the multiply of our joy and dividing our grief. You are the friend with whom I share such a beautiful friendship bond.

Friendship Day Quotes

You are the friend that every person wants to be with them in their life to fight through struggles, to celebrate each special day, to enjoy evenings and to divide the sorrows.

Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship day quotes in Hindi

A friendship day wished in your native language is the best way to express your affection towards your friend. The vocabulary is so rich that it perfectly complements the bond, which is so important.

A special bond requires a special wish. Here are some special wishes in Hindi: 

Friendship day quotes for school friends, forever friends messages, Life Time Friends Quotes

True friendship is not only about giving away in your life, friendship is not for smiling only, A real friendship is the one which will recognize your tears even if you are in the rain!!

Friendship Day Quotes

“Dosti kya hai?

Dosti voh cheese hai

jaha doston ke bich koi bhed or koi parda nhi hota,

Jaha ek dost ko bolne ke pehle kuch sochna nahi parta!! Tu mera vahi dost hai..”

Friendship Day Quotes

“Jindagi ke safar me bahut log milte hai, lekin sachhe dost pariwar ban jate hai.”

“If you have a choice to select a good friend then choose that, friend who stands by your side in every situation, not the funny or rich one.”

“True friendship can’t describe in words and it’s a feeling which another friend can understand.”

A good friendship is the one which does not require you to think before speaking.

“Dosti shabd nahi jo mit jaye

umar nahi jo dhal jaye,

safar nahi jo kat jaye,

yeh toh woh ehsaas hai,

jiske liye jiya jaye,

toh zindgi bhi kam pad jaye”

Valentine Day Friendship Quotes

Some friends do fall in love with each other, and the bond is then more than just a friendship bond.

It is a bond whose major component is love. It is a bond that you share with your better half or significant other.

This person is not only your friend but your life partner who has to stick with you through all the thin and thick times.

He/She provides a shoulder to lean on when you are crying; it is the helping hand that they provide, which helps you overcome obstacles in your life.

Here are some friendship quotes that you can wish to your better half on valentines or friendship day: 

We birds with a feather want to flock together! I sure am tickled pink to have a friend like you

“Happiness is finding a friend and a life partner in true friend.”

“I have achieved happiness because I found you!”

Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship day messages, Friendship day quotes for Husband-Friend.

“My greatest strength and love are my friends. I’m glad that you are one of them.”

“I am feeling safe and peace in my heart, knowing that you will always stay by my side and I will always have someone to look after at different phrases of life.”

Happy friendship-valentines day!!

“I have achieved happiness because I found you!”

Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship Day Quotes For Love

Love is not only meant for couples. It first comes for family, siblings, and parents.

On a friendship day, fill the day of your favorite people with love by wishing them a friendship day filled with love and care.

Sometimes we tend to ignore our family; we are so busy with our friends.

Our family deserves more love and attention because you know that they are your constant support systems, and your parents had your back and brought you up to be this strong.

Thank them every day for their sacrifices and hard work. 

Here are some friendship day wishes for love and parents to share with them:

“We might not be dating, but have you in my life is the biggest achievement of my life.”

Happy friendship’s day!

“On this auspicious day, I want you all to know that I have learned that family and friends are what makes us who we are today and we will never be complete without them.”

“A very happy friendship day to all my family members, because of them I learned great lessons of life, which shaped me into a better person.” 

“Everything is possible when you have the right people to support you. My parents have always supported me and this quote is dedicated to them.”

Friendship Day Message For Girlfriend And Wife

We celebrate friendship day in honor of our friends to keep our friendship life long and leave an example for the world what is meant to friendship.

Nowadays our friends play an important role in our life

“Friends are the key to the success, and we celebrate it, they are the best person in our life which we value with heart.”

To make this friendship day a memorable one, share friendship day messages, messages full of genuine feelings, and do not hesitate to share any feelings that you have always wanted to share! Here are some friendship day messages:

“Have a friend is good, but friends from school is best thing to happen in life. Happy Friendship Day to all Childhood Friends.”

I may not always tell you, but you’re the most important person in my life aside from my family, and I know my life wouldn’t be the same without you, and it would be so hard without you.

My dear friend, you have always loved me like a lover and supported me like a true friend.

You make our relationship complete. I wish you the best in both of the worlds.

May you always prosper and achieve every goal without any obstacle.

“Life is more fun when you have a companion as amazing as you to share all your joys and sorrows with you.” Wishing you a warm friendship day!

Friendship Day Quotes Images/ Friendship Day Wishes Images:

A friend can only feel your pain and joy if he cares about you.

As Aristotle has said,” Two friends are like a single soul dwelling into two bodies.” It is a metaphor, but what Aristotle meant is the sharing of feelings, sorrow, joy, success, and other life experiences.

When a friend decides to stick with you through all of your life experiences, he knows you well enough that he doesn’t need you to talk to understand what you are going through.

His eyes act as a window, which gives a true friend an insight into how his friend is feeling at the moment.

“Friends are relatives you make for yourself.”

– Eustace Deschamps

“Friendship is the purest and selfless relationships.” Wishing all my friends a very happy friendship day!

“People, who have a friend to stand by their side, are lucky and truly blessed from the God! They always support you and hold you when you fall.”

“True friendship is rare. I am very lucky to have as a friend. Your friendship is the most valuable thing to me. Happy friendship day!”

Friendship Day Quotes

Funny Friendship Day Quotes

A friendship is incomplete without humor and fun. What makes life less miserable is laughs and happy moments shared with friends.

You all might have experienced a time when you laugh with your friends to the extent that your jaws and stomach starts aching. Even that ache is a part of the joy.

Here are some funny friendship quotes: 

I hope we’re friends until we die. Then I hope we stay friends even after death so that we can scare people as ghosts.”

Friendship Day Quotes

“My favorite kind of pain in my stomach is, when my friends make me laugh too hard.”

“You don’t need to be perfect or crazy to become my friend. I will mold you.”

“I was innocent until I met my gang, and then I get to know my friends.”

“Never make your friends feel lonely, always disturb them!”

Crazy Friendship Day Quotes

“I will always pick you up when you fall, but after I finish laughing.”

Lovely Friendship Day Quotes

Happy Friendship Day Thought

Thoughts come up in your mind, and a friend frequently thinks about the beautiful bond that he shares with his friend.

A friend thinks about respecting his friend, loving his friend and helping his friend out. Here are some friendship thoughts of the day:

“Respect those friends who find time for you in their busy schedule. But really love those friends who never see their schedule when you need them.”

Best Friendship Day Quotes

“Twinkle-Twinkle little star, I have a friend like shining star.”

Happy Friendship day

“Friends are like stars in the sky. You may not always notice them, but they are always there watching over you.” 

“A friend is one of the best things you can have, and one of the nicest things you can be!”

Happy Friendship day Quotes

Friendship Day Wishes For Bestie

A bestie is someone who is more than an ordinary friend. He is known as your best friend for some reason.

He has a special space in your heart and is the closest friend to your heart.

You can make many friends, but you need one best friend to live and strive

A quote for your best friend:

Best friends are the type of friends who are always with you. They are with you in life decisions and trying times.

There are times when you have to drift apart onto different roads, but your hearts are still connected, and you both are virtually still together.

“Best friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.”

Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship Day Message For Everyone

Everyone should help each other out and shake hands for the welfare of mankind and the whole human race.

Even religions teach us about friendship. Here are some sayings, verses, or quotes from different religions.

The order for what is just and they forbid what is evil. And God will grant His mercy to them, for God we exalted in power and he is wise

Friendship Day Quotes

In this world, friendship always goes well with equals and like-minded i.e., deer with deer, a cow with a cow, a horse with a horse and wise with wise and so on. -Chanakya Niti

Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship Day Wishes For Husband

A husband is the leader of the house. Husband protects and maintainers of their wives.

A woman looks after her kids and home, where a husband provides bread and comfort to his family. A husband deserves to be appreciated.

Keeping your husband happy is so important that a woman can enter paradise if she does in a state when the husband is pleased with her. Here are some lovely quotes for husbands:

“My life’s biggest achievement is that I get to be with an awesome man like my husband.”

Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship Day Wishes For Boyfriend:

Here are a few quotes for the dating couples:

“My Dear Darling, it might be just another friendship day in our relationship, but I want to make it very special in every possible way.

Happy friendship day!

Friendship Day Quotes

“My boyfriend is my best friend. We are like two gifts wrapped in one body.”

Friendship Day Quotes

“Wish you a very happy friendship day to my love, you are the only person in this world who knows me better than me”

Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship Day Quotes For Sister:

Having a sister is truly a blessing. Need a friend? You got your sister. Need advice about relationships?

You got your sister. Want someone to treat you like a mom? You got your sister. A sister deserves to be wished on friendship day. Here is a quote for sisters:

“A sister is the best friend you could ever get. You can’t get rid of her annoyance and you know that she will always be there no matter what you do.”

“Siblings share the same blood. A sister is like a different flower but from the same garden (same parents)

You know that if you lose it all, your sister will help you out.

Friendship Day Quotes For Brothers 

A brother is the protector of a sister. You share the best wrestling memories and video game memories with your brother.

You know how precious your brother is when there is a song dedicated to him. You share endless experiences with him, and he is a great role model for you. Here are some quotes for your brother:

“Brother, there’s an endless road to rediscover.”

Even if you’re far from home, you’ll hear your brother call. It is a bond that has to exist until you die.  A relationship between siblings is unmatched.


So wish a very happy and great friendship day to all your friends and family! Make them feel good by conveying sweet messages or by any other means that makes them feel happy and loved.

You can even cook their favorite food for them or just give them a great hug!