Graduation Day Quotes and Saying to Inspire and Encourage

Graduation Day Quotes graduation day quotes

Graduation day is indeed a very special day for every student. It is the day on which the student becomes a graduate and he finally gets the reward for working hard for all these years. A graduation day is celebrated with school, high school, or college friends. It is a very memorable day for every graduate. When a graduate looks back on his graduation day, a set of memories is uncovered and unleashed.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some quotes to honor this very special day known as graduation day.

College Graduation Quotes

College is a tough and rough time for some students due to the burden of studying and managing work side by side. Although college years feel like going through phases of hell, once you graduate, you surely miss the good old times that you spent with friends in college.

“I believe that graduation is not an end to the struggle but is actually a start to the struggle.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“Once you graduate, you are ready to face the real world which is full of challenges.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“College life has been a great teacher itself; I hope I learn from these lessons and pursue my dreams after graduation.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“Knowledge is a treasure and wealth that no one can take away from you unless you provide it to them.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“I love seeking knowledge, my mind is its carrier and my heart is its container.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“This graduation has boosted my confidence and now I can confidently put my dreams into action.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“I congratulate every graduate for the struggle they’ve been through to see this graduation day.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“Graduation might only seem like an end of college to some people but to hardworking people, it is a great milestone.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“After this graduation, I have come out more strong, experienced, and mature.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“I’m happy that I graduated from law school, and now I can sue my college and get all my tuition fee back.”

Funny Graduation Day Quotes

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High School Graduation Quotes

High school is a fun experience. The graduation day of high school sparks joy, to make high school’s graduation day even better, here are some quotes to share.

“Live your life with integrity and dignity, don’t pressurize yourself to pursue things which aren’t meant for you.”

High School Graduation Quotes

“Identify yourself and your interests, don’t let anyone force you to do something which you aren’t willing to do.”

High School Graduation Quotes

“Start somewhere, start working for your dream, and start investing in it even if it is a dollar or a penny.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“Get up for your dreams so that you can put them into action after you graduate from high school.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“Plan out your schedule and work for it, put your trust in God, and then act on it.”

graduation day quotes for kindergarten

“If you want to achieve your goal and make your graduation useful, work hard for your goal, and believe in yourself. “

Graduation Day Quotes

“Life is a journey, not a race, so go easy on yourself and trust God with your life.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“Change yourself to do better, change so that you become a lesson and an inspiration for others.”

graduation day quotes for kindergarten

“God has promised to help those who help themselves, so get up and get started.”

Graduation Day Quotes

“Stop looking for an opportunity to come and find you, set out and look for it by yourself.”

graduation day quotes for kindergarten

Graduation Quotes For School

“College graduation day is a happy day but school graduation day is a sad day because a great and happy phase of life comes to an end.”

graduation day quotes for kindergarten

“There is no time better than the time spent in school which is why it is hard to say goodbye at school graduation day.”

“You thought that school life was difficult because you didn’t have time to get 8 hours of sleep, wait till college starts, you will not even have time to get 4 hours of peaceful sleep.”

“The moments we lived in school are now a precious memory which is very close to my heart.”

kindergarten graduation day quotes
kindergarten graduation day quotes

“I hope you have lived every moment of your school life to the fullest because you will surely miss these days after graduating.”

“Congratulations kid on your graduation! A new journey of college will begin soon, good luck for college!”

“Your future will be bright and you will become a successful student. I believe that you have the potential to achieve your goals.”

“Don’t predict your future before working for it. Work for it so that you can be sure about your future.”

Funny Graduation Quotes

College and school life are filled with endless happy and funny moments. To highlights some funny events of college and school life, here are some quotes:

“High school is like toilet paper; you only miss it when it is gone.”

“I miss secretly eating my school friend’s lunch and then helping him out to find the one who has eaten it.”

“On this graduation day, I want to thank the Indian dude on YouTube who helped me pass these exams.”

“Stop saying that a single piece of paper cannot decide your future or you’ll end up setting up a lemonade stall.”

“People go to high school. I go to school high.”

“I couldn’t get a private jet due to school so I’d smoke to fly high.”

“We congratulate every school graduate for getting through the easiest part of life!”

“When we look back on college days, it is not the good grades that make us laugh but the bunking of class which makes us laugh.”

“If you haven’t had a teacher in college who hates you for no reason, you don’t know what the real struggle is.”

“Distracting your teacher by asking him to share a personal experience or story should also be considered a skill.”

“I miss getting kicked out of the class by the teacher for talking too much.”

Inspirational Graduation Quotes

“Be your own inspiration. Learn from your own experiences and be your own guide.”

“Nothing can stop you if you are not affected by your circumstances.”

“Think out of the box, don’t limit your goals according to your circumstances.”

“Don’t let your circumstances affect your goals, be determined to achieve it and nothing will stop you from achieving it.”

“Don’t let your failures demotivate you, get up, and fix them.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the best grades, even college dropouts are successful. You just have to choose the right plan and work for it.”

“Be bold and don’t shy away from new experiences.”

“Don’t be afraid to try new things just because it wouldn’t last forever.”

“You only have one life so make efforts in this life to make your college ideas work.”

“You have more power than you know. You just have to look for it inside you.”

“Know that only you can define yourself, not your college degree or your wealth.”

“Don’t let people’s ideas define you, only your idea should define you.”

“Make use of your youth while you’re young or you’ll regret it forever. So just go for it.”

“Invest in your idea if you think it’ll work”

Graduation Quotes About Life

“Graduation is an important aspect for earning a living but don’t forget how to live while graduating.”

“Learn to balance your work life with your social life. Your work life is only a part of your social life.”

“Waiting for the perfect opportunity will get you nowhere so, take the opportunity and make it perfect.”

“Even the wildest dreams come true, so have patience and believe in God so that your wild dream comes true.

“Everything is possible in this life. Every single thing.”

 “Your life will become what you think of it. If you think of it as a good one, it will become one.”

“Don’t die with the regret of ‘what would happen if I would’ve done it?”

“A journey is only impossible if you don’t set out for it.”

“Be grateful for every little thing in your life, be grateful even for a drop of clean water.”

“People like Hellen Keller make us realize that how can a blessing like our eyes appear to be small yet they play a significant role in our life.”

“Explore new horizons because it will only bring you more knowledge and wisdom in life.”

“Learn from the people in your surroundings, ask them about the story of their life.”

Religious Quotes Related To Graduation

“Religion is a code of life; it teaches you about intricate details of life which leads you to bigger roads and gates of success.”

“If God can split the red sea for Moses, He can also relieve you from your life struggles if you have faith in him.”

“Put your trust first in God and then yourself. Do your part of the work and observe how God changes your life for better.”

“God has blessed you with the strength to do amazing things but while achieving these goals, make sure you are staying in the boundaries prescribed by Him for you.”

“Indeed, God is merciful, so ask for repentance and He will surely forgive you.”

“If God has written a job or even a grain of rice in your fate, no one can stop you from getting it except for God, if He wills.”

“Set an example for people in goodness, piety, and mercy. These are the virtues which will even melt the hearts of your enemy.”

“Be humble, not arrogant. Humble yourself with the thought that someday you will be buried under the land on which you walk so arrogantly.”

“Start practicing small good deeds and be consistent in it, you will be rewarded with great blessings by God for your small acts of kindness.”

“God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles, and a reward for your faithfulness. Don’t give up.”

Wisdom Graduation Quotes

“Wisdom does not only come from books; it mainly comes from life experiences.”

“Knowledge is power but practically implementing knowledge in your life is the greater power.”

“Reading more books will widen your mental horizons and implementing great ideas in your life will increase your wisdom.”

“Wisdom comes from critical thinking and careful planning.”

“Add discipline in your life and watch everything fall right into place.”

“God has given you the ability to think and talk so use your brain and tongue wisely.”

“Adopt the habits and thinking of successful people if you want to become a successful person.”

“Don’t let your circumstances decide your faith, what people think about you is not your destiny.”

“When you grow in experience, you realize that what people think of you (negatively) belongs to them and not you.”

“Never stop your mind from learning new things, be open-minded, literally.”

“Accept any lesson that gives you knowledge and wisdom.”

“Every pain and happiness teaches you something, you just have to analyze it thoroughly.”

“You don’t achieve great things without struggling after every pain comes relief.”

Graduation Quotes For Son

“I am so proud of you my son! I can now proudly call myself as the mother of a graduate.”

“Congratulations my son! You have achieved a great milestone on your road to success.”

“My dear son, this graduation is proof of your smartness and wisdom. This graduation and degree also prove that you are destined to achieve many more.”

“This graduation has shaped you into a man through experiences, thought and hard work,”

“just like your graduation, I hope you get to see many more happy events, my dear son!”

“There’s no moment more precious for a mom than her son’s success.”

“Be a man who is truly worthy of respect.”

“When people throw bricks at you(negativity) make a mansion out of it.”

“I believe in you my son with all my heart. I believe you have the courage to achieve the many goals that you have set.”

Graduation Quotes For Daughter

“I always advise my daughter not to settle for less. Know your worth and value.”

“Don’t look for a rich man to be known as a rich woman, pursue your career, and BECOME a rich woman.”

“Having control over your thoughts and desires is what makes you a leader, a human, and a woman.”

“Happiness comes from within, don’t search for someone to make you happy.”

“Congratulations on your graduation! It feels as if you were a little girl yesterday and now you have become a young woman!”

“I see the courage and potential in my daughter’s eyes to make her dreams come true.”

“My little, innocent girl, don’t be afraid to dream because dreams are what motivates you and push you to achieve your goals.”

Graduation Cap Quotes

“Her eyes may seem calm but she holds an ocean of fierce and wild dreams.”

“Toss away your worries and sorrows with the graduation cap on this day!”

“If she has the will to do it, she will conquer it, either by force or with love.”

“Take a step towards success even if it seems small, it is the little raindrops which make a stream.”

Thank You Quotes For Parents On Graduation Day:

Parents work hard for their children so that their children don’t have to go through the struggles that they went through.

“I thank my parents for all their effort because they are the reason why I graduated.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“I thank my parents for motivating me and supporting me through every phase of life. I love you, mom, and dad!”

graduation day quotes for parents

“No matter how much I thank my parents I can never pay back for all the lovely things that they did for me.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“Thank you mom and dad for working hard just so that I don’t have to.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“Thank you for every little ounce of love that you gave me mom and dad!”

graduation day quotes for parents

“It was my parent’s love and support which kept me going during college.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“If it wasn’t for my parents, I would’ve lost it till now. Thank you, mom, and dad!”

graduation day quotes for parents

“Thank you for always loving me, I always thank God for blessing me with parents like you.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“Having supportive and lovely parents like you is truly a blessing.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“There is no better way to spend your life other than spending it with your parents.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“Parents are a guide to life sent by God and my parents have proved it.”

graduation day quotes for parents

“It was not my friends who picked me up when I fell, it was my parents who helped me out. Thank you, mom and dad, for always being there for me.”

“Respect your parents and value them for their efforts because they truly deserve it.”

Graduation Quotes To Write On Cards

“Education is not confined to school or college, it is a golden way of spending life.”

“Implement your education in your practical life and you’ll see big changes will take place in your life.”

“Congratulations! After all these years of hard work you should celebrate your graduation day with full enthusiasm.”

“Spoil yourself with some love on this graduation day! Enjoy it!”

“Congratulations little genius on achieving this great milestone!”

“I hope this graduation day brings brighter opportunities towards your door”

Short Quotes For Graduation:

“Be persistent in your actions and success will surely be at your doorstep.”

“If you want to become brave, learn to face your fears.”

“Follow your dreams with all your heart.”

“Accept yourself as you are.”

“A human cannot live a perfect life but he can live the best life close to perfection.”

“No one can dim your light of knowledge.”

“Shake hands not with an open palm but with an open heart.”

“Keep your intentions clear and God will surely help you in your cause.”

“Find the purpose of your life because God has created everything for a reason.”

“You are not useless because God has created every atom for a reason.”

“Everything is beautiful if you have the vision to detect beauty.”

“There are endless opportunities, you just have to search for them.”

“Discover new ways of doing things and you’ll never get bored of working.”

“Make your family proud by working hard.”

“Work hard so that your parents can rest assured that their money for your school wasn’t a waste.”


These were some great quotes that you can share with your friends who graduated or are going to graduate soon!